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Group 10.000 Photographers around the World Circle 2.0 (1st edition)
+10000 Photographers around the World
If you like the circle, please give +1 and share it!
All members and interested photographers please don't forget to share also this post!
I'm sorry, but missing some members. I can not find the error. Please report here.
Members who have not shared the original post, were deliberately omitted, because it is not clear whether they also want to be in the public circle. But these are just a few. All other members will be in the next circle in the following days.
All those who are not yet in the group will be added as soon as possible. Please be patient.
If you like the circle please share it!
If you want to become a member of Group 10.000 Photographers around the World, please read the rules and comment here:
+10000 Photographers around the World
+Dog Lovers Worldwide - DLW
+BIRD LOVERS Worldwide
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Danke Dir auch herzlich! +Martin OBER -
Aber die Sache lebt auch vom Teilen! :-) - Daher meine Erinnerung!
Keine Sorge +Robert SKREINER, ich hätte es auf jeden Fall geteilt! Bin im Moment ziemlich mit #grasspoker beschäftigt ;)
GRACIAS... Robert SKREINER por pasar este circulo de Fotógrafos ahora tengo mas cosas que ver.. Éxitos
+Robert SKREINER Thank you ever so much for including me in this wonderful circle. I'm absolutely delighted and deeply honored!!! Many thanks!!
Thank you so much for adding me into this circle +Robert SKREINER. And for all the great stuff you do here on G+!
Hi +Robert SKREINER . It seems that I am missing from that circle although you had added me lately. What is wrong? Should I do something ?
I'd love to be added to any future circles +Robert SKREINER - you've been working hard at this I see for a while! Thanks for any considerations!
Hey +Robert SKREINER. What is the difference between version 1.1 and version 2.0? I am in 1.1, but not in 2.0. Is there something I should do?
Mr. +Robert SKREINER, if you do find the time I'd like to be involved here. I'm a nature and wildlife amateur photographer.
+Robert SKREINER : I'd like to be involved in this if you'd think it's possible. Looks like a fantastic group :) .. Thanks for putting this together! :)
Thank you, Robert! I know this is a lot of work, you are very kind to do this :)
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Hello! I had to share this circle.
I used to be in the first circle, but this is a different one I suppose?
Seems I lost a bit of my overview :)
Thank you +Robert SKREINER for including me in this great circle. I have shared the circle today and really appreciate the hard work you put into this. Happy Wednesday and leap year to you :)
Hi +Robert SKREINER . Thanks for your work. It seems that I am missing from that circle although you had added me lately. What is wrong? Should I do something ?
+Robert SKREINER - I used to be on the list, can I somehow be included in the next round? Thanks again for all your hard work in putting this together.
+Robert SKREINER is there any way to sort through the page to find out if you're in there? As the group seems like the only way to find out if you haven't managed to see a circle you've been shared in.
I know I honestly don't know if I've been shared in any circles.
Please add me to this group. I'm a professional landscape and nature photographer in Colorado.
You are welcome, dear Johan! +Johan Peijnenburg
The circles are nothing more than 1 and 2!
Only a few errors have happened. Therefore, few people are in both circles!
But it would be fair if everyone would share the circles! It is interesting that many G + users who already have many followers, don't share circles. That will not work long term.
+Robert SKREINER and +Johan Peijnenburg , I deeply appreciate what both of you have done with circles. I'm still fairly new to G+ and I believe this was the first circle that I saved. These circles have led me to many awesome photographers and I've been learning from them ever since!! It's just incredible!! I'm very grateful to you both! Many thanks and please keep up the great work!!
+Robert SKREINER, thank you for all of this work, and for keeping me in the circle. I am happy to share this, and I also added it to my Recommended Links section. Thanks again!
As nice as it would be to be in a circle like this. I want to be in it because of my photography ability not because I am required to share a circle of 10 thousand photographers that I most likely don't know. I already follow this circle so hopefully people will add me to the circle simply because they want to.
Hello +Robert SKREINER, just reshared your post hoping to eventually get into the next group, this looks awesome, the circle seems to be getting quite strong, excellent work curating and keeping it up to date! congrats!
10,000 so great work. I shared :D
Hallo! +Robert Redl Du bist als Österreicher seit langem in meinen Kreisen.
Da Du aber keine eigenen Fotos in Deinem Stream veröffentlichst, kann ich Dich leider nicht in einen Circle von Fotografen aufnehmen. Das würde zurecht wieder Empörung auslösen. Ich kann Dir nur anbieten, die Seite +10000 Photographers around the World in Deine Kreise aufzunehmen. Dort gibt es Kreise von Followern, nicht nur von Fotografen! Wie Du wissen dürftest, mußt Du die Seite zuerst addieren, bevor eine Seite Dich hinzufügen kann.
Wenn Du ein Hundeliebhaber bist, gibt es auch +Dog Lovers Worldwide - DLW oder als Vogelliebhaber +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide
shared :) Not sure if i'm still in the group or not, was in the very first circle but not sure if I'm in the group? +Robert SKREINER Still interested in any case :)
+Robert SKREINER Hopefully you'll get to my message up there sometime soon (post shared already a few times) ;)
THanks for keeping up the hard work! Best,
Looks like I got lost somewhere between version 1.1 and 2.0. Sorry about that. Anything I did got me off the list, or was I moved to the second circle?
Bonjour +Robert SKREINER , j'ai lu attentivement les conditions pour faire parti de ce cercle, j'ai procédé à tout ce qui est demandé, et concernant les publications, j'en fais quotidiennement. Je souhaiterai être ajouté à ce groupe !!! donc il me reste à partager, et j'aurai tout fais!! à très bientôt... :D

Hello, I have carefully read the conditions to be part of this circle, I have made all that is asked, and about publications, I make daily. I would like to be added to this group! So I still have to share, and I will do everything! see you soon ... : D
hi robert, würd mich freuen auch in deinen kreisen zu sein;) schöne grüße aus FF.
Hi +Robert SKREINER can you add me to your circle?
Thanks so mucht!!!
I am happy to support your efforts, +Robert SKREINER! This is a great project and I appreciate being included. Keep up the good work!
You are welcome! +Giannis Gogos
Thank you very much for sharing!
You are already added to the group list and included in the next circle!
You are welcome! +Jonathan Davis
Thank you very much for sharing!
You are added to the group list and included in the next circle 3.0!
Hallo Gerald! +Gerald Fischer
Tut mir leid, aber die Reklamation verstehe ich nicht! Du bist im "Circle 1.1" und bis auf den einen oder anderen Fehler ist niemand doppelt in beiden Kreisen. Du bist auch von Anfang an immer in allen Kreisen und in der Group-List, obwohl Du die Kreise regelmäßig nicht teilst. Das wird aber bei den Kreisen in Zukunft vorangig berücksichtigt. Es ist nämlich etwas eigenartig, dass viele, die schon sehr viele Follower haben und weiter in allen Kreisen sein möchten, dann aber die Kreise nicht teilen, obwohl es zum eigenen Vorteil wäre. Da fehlt mir die Logik!
Hallo Simon! +Simon Friedl Bitte lies doch mal wenigstens die Regeln der Gruppe!
Gerne nehmen wir Dich auf, aber Du blockierst ja alles in Deinem Profil, sowohl Deine Kreise, als auch Kreise, in denen Du bist. Und von Teilen gar nicht zu reden!
+Robert SKREINER Robert, das ist ein Missverständnis. Ich habe mich nicht beschweren wollen, sondern versteh' anscheinen blos das Konzept nicht. Ich dachte 2.0 ist sozusagen eine Neuauflage des 1.1 und da du geschrieben hattest: "I'm sorry, but missing some members. I can not find the error. Please report here." antwortete ich mit "Looks like I got lost somewhere between version 1.1 and 2.0. Sorry about that. Anything I did got me off the list, "

Was das sharen des Circle betrifft, versteh ich das vielleicht auch nicht richtig: ich hab' die erste Version geshared (hübsches Wort übrigens), mir war nicht bewusst, dass ich das mit jeder Version tun soll. Das kann ich aber gerne nachholen, denn warum sollte ich das nicht tun - kostet ja nix, oder?

Ich glaub' übrigens auch nicht, dass es wichtig ist möglichst viele Follower zu haben. Würde mich überraschen wenn dadurch ein Fotos besser werden würde ;-)

Alles klar?
Hi, can you add me to your circle? Thanks!
Just saying "Hello!" to this new update! :)
Hi Robert, I definitely want to be part of this.
Greetings from Russia to everyone! :)
Ke Zeng
+Robert SKREINER , please checkout my work, and I will love to be included in this circle. I am sharing the circle.
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