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Robert Rumble
Author, Entrepreneur and International Speaker
Author, Entrepreneur and International Speaker

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Don't take the bait of someone phishing for your personal information.

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Don't fall for a phishing email.

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added a new phishing video.

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I completely reduced my post of the White Snake Legend. One of my resources was a book from 1960.  

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Every time I listen to Tom, I learn something new.  

On 2015-05-19 10:20, Debra wrote:

    Dear Robert,

    Yesterday was the Grand Opening of the Increase Your Profits Summit! In case you missed it here is yesterday's introduction email.  Watch for today's speaker.   The interview will be released later today!

    Welcome to Day one of this fabulous event!

    “Increase Your Profits Summit”

    Today I want to introduce you to the international internet marketing expert Tom Antion. 


    Tom has a very simple “Three Prong Attack" on Internet marketing, which is extremely simple and easy to understand. Tom is no "techie" . All he cares about is where to click to make money and he teaches his students the exact techniques he uses to pull in $75,000.00 to $220,000.00 in a month from his home office. These consistent high profit / low overhead Internet sales have made Tom an Internet Multi Millionaire in a very short period of time. Since Tom consistently makes large sums of money while sitting in front of his computer this gave him the idea for his infamous "Butt Camp" Seminars where you learn to make more money sitting on your “rear” than going out and working for a living.



    Today you’ll learn:

    *the three pronged approach to internet riches

    *the mindset of an internet millionaire

    *C.S.I. of the internet

    *what’s hot… what’s not

    *how to succeed in today’s market on the internet

    *pick and choose marketing

    *and much, much more.

    Here’s the link:



    You are going to learn so much from this interview.  You will get strategies for you to implement immediately to increase your profits.

    Again here's the link


    You are probably wondering how making money on the internet is spiritual.  You can serve more people if you have your own finances handled.  Listen to this interview with Tom.  You'll be glad you did!

     Email me and let me know how much you liked it!


    Debra Isbell


    Debra Isbell

    PO box 401585
    Las Vegas, NV 89140

    If you no longer wish to receive communication from us:

    To update your contact information:


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For a trip into the past, these ancient China towns have hundreds if not thousands of years of history. 

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Creativemouse does all my graphic design. 

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While in China I was able to see a theatrical version of the White Snake legend at the Sung Dynasty Park in Hangzhou. 
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