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Robert Rowe

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The #Leaf made it to DIA with wife, mom-in-law, and three suitcases.
Now to snuggle up in the car, while it charges back up. 
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Yep! While plugged in, you can set a timer or turn climate control on via smartphone. The Leaf also has steering wheel and seat warmers that draw much much much less power than the blowers.
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Robert Rowe

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Needed to plug in so I could go back out tonight, but both of the nearby EV stations were in use by other Leafs! 
Hoping a trickle-charge in the garage will do the trick. 
Good problem to have, right?
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+Robert Rowe ah, right I recall that conversation now.

I wonder if Tesla (or anyone else) is looking into variants of the "home power station" battery which can be used to rapidly charge an EV. It would be cool if you had a big battery like that you could trickle-charge 24x7, then dump the juice rapidly (perhaps at L3 speeds?) to your car.

It would be expensive, obviously, since you'd need another battery pack at least as large as the one in your car. Still, I can see lots of applications.
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Robert Rowe

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Good my friend
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Robert Rowe

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Corpse Flower at the Denver Botanic Gardens is expected to bloom either tonight or tomorrow! 
This is super rare (won't bloom again for up to 10 years!), and when it does, it releases a stench that simulates rotting flesh. 
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The one in Edinburgh Botanic Gardens bloomed in June.
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Robert Rowe

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Anyone having Hangouts notification issues on iOS? Can't figure out what's keeps the badge stuck there...
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Fixed it! Apparently, there was a notification on my work acct...which I rarely use on mobile. 
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Robert Rowe

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Another Saturday, and another ride to the Boulder County Farmers Market. Brought both ukuleles with me on #McElligot, and bought lunch from one of my favorite vendors.
Today was also the first chance for me to check out Boulder's new Civic Area municipal wifi!
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Robert Rowe

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Today was one of my first "chilly" days in the Leaf. Battery was still pretty good, but I did finally gave to test the steering wheel and seat warmers on the way home tonight. 
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Lap blankets work amazingly well.
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Robert Rowe

ᴥ Introduce Yourself  - 
Been lurking for a couple months, so I might as well introduce myself, finally. My name's Rob, and I've been learning to longboard (mostly cruising/errands and quick commutes) since my 37th birthday in May. 

My wife picked out a Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout after talking to some of my online friends who longboard, and I've been totally happy with it. 

I'm getting to the point where I want to start learning some basic slides...mainly to stop/slowdown. Tips/tricks/etc are always appreciated. 
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You can also learn how to footbrake effectively at speeds lower than 30mph.
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Robert Rowe

Introductions  - 
Hi! After my 14yr old Saturn finally died, it was time for a "nice" car. We lucked out, and found a perfect 2012 Nissan Leaf SV, and have been using it as our only car for about 2 months.
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We have our car now for 2.5 yr and have 53000 miles on the clock. Battery is still fully functional (no loss) We use rapid chargers, type 2 and sometimes 'the brick'. Most times to 100%. The car is performing perfectly. (We live in Scotland, the temperature is great for battery life, maybe less so for range ;-) )
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Robert Rowe

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So, I'm not the only one getting handfuls of spam followers every day, right?
Am I doing something wrong here?
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Newp. I am too :(
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Robert Rowe

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Final Boulder County Cares shift for the season. We were doing surveys only tonight, so we opted for "regular" bikes instead of our cargo bikes.

I think our cargo bike pilot was a success this year, so I hope we'll get to pick it back up in October. 
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Robert Rowe

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Haven't been posting as much recently, but tonight for my
#30DaysOfBiking ride, I took McElligot out, carrying my ukulele, and experimented with Periscope while I improved a bit.

It's almost worth posting. :)
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cyclist, musician, community builder, living in Boulder, CO
I bicycle year-round, for commuting, for volunteering and charity work, for advocacy and community-building, but mostly, for fun. I'm a classically-trained cellist, self-taught violinist/violist, and currently learning ukulele. 
My partner and I are learning ASL together, while living in Boulder, CO. 
I currently work at a locally-owned, sustainable-practice print shop as project coordinator, sales, and social-media time-waster. 
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Year-round bicycle commuter, Eagle Scout, Edcamp co-founder, Boulder Cargo Bike Cooperative co-founder.
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