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Is there a script that can parse a manifest file and can extract parameter names, resource types used, and any require/notify/subscribe attributes? I'd like to use something to automate stub PuppetDoc generation since adding docs to scores of manifests is getting tedious.

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"The Tibetan Plateau is a vast barren face of virtually naked rock. It contains over 82 percent of the surface area of the planet over 12,000 feet high. With the rise of such a plateau, came ever growing amounts of erosion of rock on its surface. When we look at the Himalayas, most of us see a dramatic series of mountains, but Raymo saw a giant vacuum sucking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, with the rivers that drain them flushing the carbon into the sea.

The lightbulb in her head went off:  the rise of the Tibetan plateau led to the shift from a warm earth to a cold one.  And it did so by pulling carbon from the air."

A colleague's Twitter account was hacked, and his account sent me one of those "Here are embarrassing photos of you" links, with a shortened URL.

The URL, interesting enough, pointed to an actual Facebook app with a Facebook login, instead of a fake page.  So perhaps malware writers are not using Facebook as a platform.

Anyhow, after contacting the victim, I wrote to to tell them about the link and got the following reply:

"Thanks for reaching out. The link you sent links directly to Facebook, and as a policy we do not block Facebook links. I recommend reaching out to Facebook directly as well as not clicking on the spam link."

I guess I could be a good netizen and followup with Facebook, but this is a real hassle. And I don't have a Facebook account, so it might turn out to be a bigger hassle.

I do wish there was a central system where one could report malware things to an affected site, and related sites could be contacted.

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"The song Happy Birthday to You (HBTY) has a story to tell, and it’s not wishing you to have a good one on this, the anniversary of your birth. The most recognizable song in the English language – a simple six notes and words - is owned by Time Warner, who will charge you ten grand to legally sing the four verses in a public place like a school or restaurant. But the history of how HBTY turned into a two million dollar a year corporate earner is the interesting part. It’s a case study in the copyright-by-fiat strategy that has recently proven so popular with corporate minions and robots. They allege intellectual ownership where none exists, and they often get away with it.

There are many ways to right this wrong. You could challenge HBTY’s dubious copyright in court, as long as you’re prepared for a foe like Time Warner. Or you could try to shame Time Warner by urging innocent birthday revelers to request permission for every innocent public “performance” of the song. Both are worthy endeavors, but neither one sounds like much fun.

No, for our purposes here, we’ll encourage you to unseat (or at least unsettle) “Happy Birthday to You” from it’s cultural throne by composing possible replacements. The Free Music Archive Happy Birthday contest seeks a few new Happy Birthday songs that are simple and catchy, with great earworm potential (remember: HBTY uses only six notes!) that can be sung in restaurants, bowling alleys, even in TV shows and movies – free of charge. Together, let us shake “Happy Birthday” from it’s fortified cultural throne, and replace it with a melody that the children can sing without fear of being served."

In a test that uses PerlX::MethodCallWithBlock for Test::XPath, I am getting the following error on some machines, but not all: "PL_linestr reallocated during skipspace, Devel::Declare can't continue at /opt/myapp/lib/perl5/PerlX/ line 24, <DATA> line 998."

Any idea what is causing it?

It's for Perl 5.12.5 on CentOS, but it also occurs in a local-lib environment on Debian for Perl 5.10.
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