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So Rap Genius is able to recover from a manual link penalty in 10 days. This article explains their process, which clearly was thorough, but I have a real problem with the speed with which they were able to have their case reconsidered. Curious to hear what other SEOs who have written or shared content about web penalties on G+ think, +Glenn Gabe +Barry Schwartz +Mark Traphagen +Greg Smith +Chase Billow +Mike Wilton

I work with small to mid-sized businesses that suffer from manual penalties all the time, and I have NEVER seen such a fast recovery. What made Rap Genius special? The $15 million in VC funding they recently raised? Their high profile?

Other businesses who find themselves penalized are DEVESTATED by these actions, they very often had no idea what they were doing to themselves when they paid an "SEO" to build them links, but the loss of revenue, loss of jobs, loss of livelihood is VERY REAL, no less real or urgent than Rap Genius' situation.

I am working with two clients right now that are under manual penalties. Their reconsideration requests were submitted through Google Webmaster Tools in mid-December, and to date there is no answer. I've seen reconsideration requests take longer than a month to be responded to. These are real businesses with quality websites that serve a real purpose and offer visitors a quality experience, their only mistake, they paid someone to build them links in the past because they were lead to believe that's how "SEO" was done.

 So how does a company like Rap Genius get near instant feedback on their efforts and have a manual penalty removed so quickly? +Matt Cutts , care to comment? Why the horrible double-standard?
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I been meaning to read about this and now I finally might. Will comment after.
I think some people at #Google are full of crap and others don't really do what they preach. It's become some sort of where a handful of immature people self-labeled as "engineers" are able to trick their own game because it makes them think they're bigshots.
Thanks +Robert Ramirez , I feel just the same. I have a client that we believe has been a victim of one of their competitors intentionally hiring a 3rd party to create thousands of spammy links and now our client is suffering. It's so unfair that smaller guys are being punished so badly when it isn't their fault. The smaller guys just don't always have the budget to fix these issues. I have another client who has decided it will work out cheaper for them to start with a brand new site.
To be fair, in one of our cases, we had been notified of unnatural inbound links in August and we were penalised on the 3rd of October, so it was decent of #Google #webspam team to give us two months to fix our backlinks profile. +Adam Zahler how long do you think it will take your client to build a brand new website whose domain authority and trust ( metrics) match those of their previous site?
Hi +Ovidiu Burduja, since it will be us doing the development and SEO, I estimate 9 to 12 months considering their industry. Don't hold me to that though. The client is fully aware of the situation and is very understanding (which always helps).
Thanks Ovidiu, we'll see what happens. Good luck with yours...
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