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I'm not affiliated with PBS or KQED +KQED SCIENCE but how can we live without them??? Looks what's in the line up tonite!!

Nature : "Born Wild: The First Day of Life" <-- Baby animals!!!!!
Nova : "Smartest Machine on Earth" <-- IBM's Watson
America Revealed : "Made in the USA"
Reruns but GREAT shows! Don't miss it you al!!!
KQED Public TV Program Information for Channel 9, HD, Kids, World, Life, V-Me.
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A new half-hour episode of KQED QUEST also airs tonight at 7:30PM on KQED Channel 9!
oh yea! How I can I forget the awesome... KQED's Quest!! KQED particularly on Wed evenings should be a mandatory watch for everyone is U.S.A.!! But then there is Frontline, Independent Lens .. so many! Keep up the GREAT work +KQED SCIENCE !!
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