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Thinner than ever. Nest Thermostat has a depth of 1.21” & a new larger, brighter screen.
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I really hate the irrigation controller. I thought I liked it at first because the user interface was so easy to use. But no, it has a serious problem that I actually think is a bug.

Every morning, no matter what the programming is set to, it will water the lawn for two hours between 4:15am and 6:05am. It is absolutely infuriating.
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Irritrol Rail Dial RD-900.
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I need some help identifying this critter. This is one of the weirdest looking bugs I have seen in a while. I have no idea what it is. 
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Interesting dataset, but hard to draw any real conclusions from it other than the fact that there is little overlap between where the far left gets their news and where the far right gets their news—but nonetheless it makes for an interesting graphic.
Trust Levels of News Sources by Ideological Group. Fascinating!

Help me ensure I understood this right.  Consistently Liberal and Mostly Liberal people tend to trust a lot more variety of sources across the entire spectrum. 28 and 24 respectively. 

Consistently Conservative and Mostly Conservative people tend to trust a lot fewer sources of news. 8 (omg!) and 12 respectively.  The lack of diversity of information sources might explain the existence of more (but not all) closed minds in such groups and more dug into their own points of view.

Is this an unreasonable understanding of this data set?

Additionally, the sources Consistently and Mostly Conservative people do trust, are less trusted by the other three groups of people! Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh.

This explains why America is becoming more and more polarized.

Is this a reasonable understanding of this data set?

One bizarre data point: Everyone distrusts BuzzFeed more than they trust it!!  And yet, as we know from competitive intelligence analysis, everyone is still reading BuzzFeed. :)

Data source:
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Devastating explosion in China. Horrible.
Oh ... my god this is awful! Not sure if everyone has heard the news coming out of Tianjin, China but this just happened :((

Apparently reports are saying it was a munitions shipment that exploded but the news is still early and not much is known yet.

#china   #explosion
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I figured out the easiest, fastest, and cleanest way to create a toner mask on a PCB for etching. I'll write up a real tutorial later, but the process is fairly simple and uses readily available materials.

What you'll need:

1. A laser printer.
2. A laser-printer-compatible transparency sheet. (old-school)
3. A thermal laminator that can accept something as thick as a PCB. (I use this one: )
4. Lamination pouch large enough for the design.

And the steps:

1. Print out your PCB mask un-mirrored onto the transparency sheet.
2. Cut out one of the sheets of lamination film and lay it on top of the printed mask on the transparency. Make sure that there aren't any parts of the lamination sheet that are sticking out past the edge of the transparency(trim if necessary)! And make sure you don't accidentally put the film on the back of the transparency—in that case all you would be making is a mess.
3. Feed the transparency and lamination film sandwich into your laminator.
4. Wait for the sheet to cool to room temperature.
5. Carefully peel just a tiny part of the corner of the lamination sheet off of the transparency. Don't pull it off yet!
6. Turn the sheet over and use your fingernail to hold that corner of the lamination film securely to the table.
7. Now peel the transparency off of the lamination film by pulling directly away from your fingernail. Don't pull up, pull straight out! The sharp angle of peeling the transparency off of the lamination film will cause the toner to stick to the lamination film.
8. At this point, your PCB mask should be on the lamination film and there should be nothing on the transparency. You can throw the transparency sheet away.
9. Clean the surface of your PCB, then avoid touching the surface with your fingers.
10. Place the lamination film on top of your PCB. Trim any part of the lamination film that goes past the edge of the PCB.
11. Feed your PCB and lamination film through your laminator.
12. Wait for the PCB to cool down.
13. Just like you did with the transparency, pull up a corner of the lamination film, but this time continue to pull the lamination film off of the PCB. Pull sideways, not up! This makes the toner transfer to the PCB. If you pull up, the toner might stay on the lamination film. When you get good at this, you can actually just yank the transparency film off.

That's it. No water needed, no cleanup needed, no messy inkjet photo paper. The board is immediately ready for etching...!

Disclaimer: If you try this, you are taking full responsibility for what you are doing. Perform at your own risk, I'm not liable for any damage to yourself, your laminator, your printer, or anything else.
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Send us a write up :D
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Of course he's gonna take that stance, he's an illegal immigrant who took a good american job out of some down on his luck guy's hands!
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13 hour power outage yesterday. Took some pictures of PG&E working to replace the 30ish-year-old 25KVA transformer with a shiny new 50KVA one. Turns out the new one didn't fit, so that took a few more hours of work. But we've now got power!
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I figure now is as good a time as any to get started with PIC development. Going to use this to reprogram the PIC in my "remotizer".
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When you can't afford for your hardware to go bump because some inexperienced apprentice has wired the wrong voltage to the wrong i/o pins - or worse still swapped the power/ground wires - stick with PIC. If you're handing your device over to anyone else who has the potential to put even one wrong connection in the wrong place, PICs are almost always a safer bet. AVRs go up in smoke far too easily!
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She is also charged with "misusing medicine" after an out-of-date tube of toothpaste was found in her cell.

Things are different in military prison (since you are technically still in the military), but magazines being considered contraband, possession of which is worthy of solitary confinement, is surprising to me. And the toothpaste thing? That just sounds spiteful.

The former army private was also charged with disorderly conduct for sweeping food onto the floor, and disrespect to a prison guard.

This, on the other hand, seems more in line with what would win you some time in the hole.
The transgender former US soldier convicted of leaking secrets has been accused of possessing banned items like books, magazines, and toothpaste in jail
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+Robert Quattlebaum You know the old joke about killers having three names, like John Wayne Gacy and Lee Harvey Oswald?  It's not entirely consistent, but the real reason is primarily that it is important for journalists to clearly and accurately identify criminals, and using full names is a good way to do this, for various reasons:

* There are many examples of people being misidentified as criminals or as suspects by the media, due to a lack of clear identification.

* It's important for the historical record, to know precisely whom we are referring to.

* It's important for the public, to know precisely who has committed crimes.

And so on.  So it is a general rule with criminals and criminal suspects, to clearly and accurately identify them.  I've thought a lot about this over the years, as a former practicing journalist with a journalism degree, and as a lifelong journalism student and critic.

So, consider if Jenner committed a crime ... maybe he kills one of his former stepdaughters.  In straight news reporting about the crime, I would expect Jenner to be properly identified with legal name and gender.  I am sure I would be disappointed, of course.  But if I were writing the story, I'd say "Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner", or perhaps "William Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner."  And throughout the rest of the story, I'd use only the last name, and I'd use the male pronoun, again, because it's important to clearly and accurately identify criminals and criminal suspects.

But in other articles about Jenner and the crime -- feature and opinion pieces, for example -- if journalists wanted to use the female pronoun and use "Caitlyn," that's different.

Now, if Jenner were known almost exclusively as "Caitlyn," that would be a different story.  Few news stories referred to O.J. Simpson as "Orenthal James Simpson."  But if O.J. were not already a celebrity known as "O.J.," he likely would have been known "Orenthal 'O.J.' Simpson" in those stories.  And still many people in the world know Jenner primarily as "Bruce."

There's one other big factor here, and that's that Manning was known as a man named Bradley at the time of the commission of his crime, through his conviction.  So that lends that much more weight to referring to Manning as a man named Bradley.

Now, this article did recognize the problem, and in the second paragraph made it clear that Manning was convicted as a man named Bradley.  But in a news article, that's just awkward and silly, in my view.  Just go by the facts: he is physically a man, and his legal name is Bradley.
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"Nature abhors both vacuums and robots."
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We will fight back...

Humans put their noses in everything. 
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Nest is moving again. And again.

A look back at where Nest Labs started - a leaky garage in Palo Alto - to where we are now.


We're Nest, makers of the Nest Learning Thermostat.


Synfig Studio is a free and open-source 2D animation software

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