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Thinks that Josie Charlwood should get on Google+ and do some live music hangouts, anyone get a contact for her? let's get her on here. :)
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Simply amazing.... deserves a +1, comment, and share!
I just sent a message to her YouTube channel as well.
I came across Josie by accident on YouTube as will and showed my son this same video and he also posted it on Google+. I think Josie is amazing, especially when she uses looping technology as in this video. She had talent! To do what Josie is doing with looping does not only take talent, but creativity, and she has this as well. I believe she needs to take this to the next level and prefect her performances to make this an attractive act. My son says if she would use Abelton Live, she would even get better at what she does. +Mark Liebrand , maybe you should also contact Josie through Facebook and advise her to do what +Robert Pitt suggested. Josie needs to take advantage of her Talent and Creativity. I personally prefer Josie's version on this song to the original. She made the song her own. Go for it Josie! What are you waiting for? You are on the right track.
Dad, I have already contacted her on Facebook but I think she may have missed it? Either that or she is busy working on next level stuff as we speak. Either way, we cant always expect these people to contact us back, they might be getting flooded inboxes with questions and suggestions.
Contact her on her labels website, just google her name.
She is very good at what she does. It is even more impressive seeing her do this. 
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