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Education Crisis
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I once spoke to a girl from texas who wasn't aware the world had time zones
JS Smith
I think they're both trolling if you ask me ;)
Well, I think teaching ANY kind of history in schools is a good first step.
I still not sure why SETI exists, why bother looking for intelligent life in space when its hard enough to find any down here! :)
True but we are campaigning for a change in the law to reclassify them as rodents so we can shoot them ;)
I'm from South London btw. Trash part as well. Hackney is really expensive now. It was a crap hole when I was a kid. I live in Kent now :-)
Well there you go. That's what I get for basing everything I know about England from Pride and Prejudice, My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins.

I think just watching Pride and Prejudice would give you a far greater level of knowledge than 'Randy' ;)
Yeah well we had to send the idiots stupid enough to wear red targets into battle somewhere! 

Finally got rid of them and America and we don't want either back thanks!!! ;)
I like the US. I'd live there in a heartbeat. I've just got too many ties in the UK right now.
No love for Canada :'(
Not been there, but will be there in the next five years. I'll let you know :-)
My kids loved Canada!
I'll be here ;)
answer is written as a sarcasm or this is what she thinks is true. And notice the rating given by asker. This real education crisis though I am not sure for whom. 
I'm surprised Randy found England successfully. Most Americans would get arrested on the Mexican border with the wrong papers for crossing.
+John Hersey he didn't have to find it ... the airline pilot did ... he just had to make it to the airport
+John Hersey... actually he got confused with the (New) England and by mistake landed in the England. 
Something tells me this post is hitting "what's hot" but I could be wrong
holly crap I had it all backward... thanks for setting me straight... ;)
The fundamental problem is one of belief.

America (White America, that is) seems to think it was founded by high principled people who left behind the religious bigotry and inequality of Europe to make a better life in the New World (at the expense of those who already lived there, and a whole lot of Africans brought over to do the hard work).

Actually, it was all a trick. The European nations convinced all these complaining bible-bashers to get on boats and go away, so that we could get on with the business as usual of feudalism, persecution and generally abusing the poor ... which we were quite happy with until 1914
+Mellie B Apparently. Come join in! 

+Robert Partridge The ripples on this are interesting. You've had 7 direct reshares and I've had 7 direct reshares - it's neat to see how our reshares spread!
Also interesting for me to watch the spill over into my other posts
I am an Englishman but don't worry I have a sense of humour! (Please American friends note how Humour is spelt.
I really hope this is trolling but given that I once told a US soldier that I was in the British Army and he replied that he didn't know Britain had an army, I can't be sure.
Bwahahaha... History troll. :D Love it! It serves us right, really. Let's just cut the education budget entirely. :)
+Mellie B , as a proud Canadian myself, I must say I found the whole thing a little remiss in not mentioning that America was originally populated by Canadian tribes out of Newfoundland, who were themselves descendents of the Mighty Hyperborean people. 

What's that aboot, eh? 
Haha..not sure if the person giving the answer is trolling or not...but this is full of fail.
I think Randy may be heading towards a Darwin award in the future.
I thought this was common knowledge at this point?
Matt C
Probably trolling.
Brilliant. They should write an alternative history of the world. 
This my fellow Americans is why our system is failing...stupid people breeding stupid children.
This is the future of our country? Smdh...
Cristopher Columbus and King Washington lol
Yeah that's what I think of when I think of "education."  Yahoo Answer trolls.  Totally appropriate to have those two concepts in the same discussion.
I suspect a troll at work.  Nobody who can read and write can be this dumb.
if this is real, I'm extremely disappointed.
Its dumb enough that someone even asks that question. But its even more dumb that somebody answers it wrong
most likely to end up as the next US President ... :(
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I wish I could see this person just to laugh in his/her face x)
geez thats some funny sh!t right there.
Silly English colonialists, know your place in history! :p
What is going on with the education in America?
Clearly a practical joke :-D stupid funny though
this guy's seed should be wiped from the earth :P
That seriously was sooooo sad!! I didn't realize people were so uneducated... Pay attention in school people... This is grade school information!!!
The most educated wrong answer I've ever seen!
This is the funniest thing I've seen on the internet in the last hour!
further proof that the world as we know it is headed to hell in a hand-basket....
I can only hope the "answerer" was being sarcastic...
My sister-in-law thought that the sun and moon were the same thing until recently. She's 30...
I am sure everyone here, including me, is ignorant about many things. Funny how we seem to forget that when faced with things we know... Ignorance has little to do with intelligence.
This must be an episode of the Twilight Zone......everyone knows that Chris Columbus was leading a contingent of U S Marines to free Helen from Troy when he got lost in the fog and found England.
I did meet an true American when I visited.  They are now living on Reservations.  However, Euro Americans, Espanic Americans, Italian Americans, Asian Americans and Black Americans live in the Cities.  Now that is funny.
Omg! This is quite depressing, I'm 13 and I know better. 
What worries me the most are that some of these commenters seem to be under the impression that either the question or the answer were sincere...

Satire, people. Lrn2it!
ooh geeze
i may not be albert einstein but even i no thats wrong!
That isn't an education problem, it's sarcasm incarnate.
And they have the right to vote!!!
Can somebody find this post and actually correct them!
Really England copied the names of places in the Americas even though England and all that was the old world was known about and named WAY before America ever came to be ...Really??
These idiots vote, that's what scares me!
I'm pretty sure that the "best answer" was simply a sarcastic reply to such an asinine question... just my opinion though, I could be wrong!
It's sarcastic Eric, she is too well educated to not to. Besides if had not been sarcastic she might have called Washington President instead of King  :P

But yeah the ignorance of this days is dire.
I can only hope the person answering was bieng sarcastic...

man i am rolling on the floor!
Lol...whats even funnier is people here thinking these two are serious.
If you can't detect the sarcasm then you are not that much smarter than the original poster!
Let me confer with my 'Troll,Paper,Scissors' rule book. Let's see, yup;
Troll beats troll...
1> Searched Yahoo answers for this Question (to check its validity)
2> laughed hysterically for half an hour
3> Recuperating a serious stomach ache to thank +Robert Partridge for this post :D
4> fear another fit of laughter if I dare scroll up 
S A R C A S M not S T U P I D I T Y ......I can not believe how many people think that these posts were's a joke, no one is that dumb and is still able to run a computer....but the post sure did get a lot of people talking LOL 
You should see other Randy's questions. Obviously, he's trolling.
The education crisis is anyone who can't recognize this as a joke.
XD ha! ha! hahahaha…… oh stomach pain……
T Bone
We live in a world full of smart phones and stupid people...
Best answer I've ever seen...but no offence the dumbest question I've ever seen.
This is why we declared independence from England....
This made me laugh for...okay, I'm still laughing. I want to hug the answerer and hand the asker one of my students' 5th grade history books. Thank you for posting! I needed a good belly laugh!
Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Americans decided to attack Japan by travelling east instead of directly west which the Japs had anticipated.  This was a very clever move by America as it took everyone by surprise!  Not only are towns in the UK named after American cities, but America also went on to conquer Europe before the Japanese - hence just some of the following cities accross Europe and Africa  were named after American towns - Paris, Berlin, Venice, Alexandria, St Petersburg, & Athens just to name a few, and that's also why American is now the most internationally spoken language around the world!!!
I want to say to everyone who's posted further revisions to this history text that you are all awesome!  Thank you for making my day today!
Yup, like the answer too.
This sounds like a comedy routine.  Epic Fail!  haha
someone doesnt now there history! lol
Is this the end of civilization? Maybe not. Maybe just the end of human intelligence.
They do not speak American. Check it, out. They use many words that sound as they would in /America but, over there, They have, another / different meaning. Check it out.
history the words of a story teller....!!
Here's a word you septics should learn - Twats ! :-)
The best part is the asker commented "very informative". They will now be explaining this to their friends.
Great!!! now americans thinks they are british ancestors. Next thing peope will start believing honey make bees
M Rod
That has got to be the best answer I have ever heard......! You go sunshine!
No WAY! Idiocracy is really happening. The dark ages are upon us.
+Pamela Gantt out of the dark ages came the enlightenment so that at least gives us something to look forward to
I.would assume the answer was a sarcastic answer.
I think pamela was talking about dark ages,
What's the expected response? "Americans..." though I don't generalise but still.. it also seems to be a hoax,this post!
its not america its north america america has 3 diffrent areas Central South and North america. i would like to add that some north americans are the stupidest people on earth thinking everything revolves around the united states.
Whaooooo... Thats incredible......go to school from south america and i know that.....its world history.
Yup, Yahoo Answers.  Trollolololololololo.
You realize this is someone trolling, right?
oh ... this is what i often discuss with my english teacher . why to speak american while one have learnt britian . ........
There is no way the "best answer" is not trolling. Randy, however, appears impossibly dense.
+J. S. Hansenius wow!  you certainly nailed me to a wall there!  Really though - I posted it because it's funny.  I'm certainly not anti-American.  I am not a snob.  Don't attend dinner parties.  Don't try to offend people but at the same time I believe in speaking my mind.  Not worried about losing social capital.  I get the impression though that you may have some issues that are bothering you / on your mind.  Maybe you should talk to someone who can help before you continue to say unkind things about people you don't know.  Hope you have a fantastic day!  :)
Oh wow! All we need now is for someone from europe to see this then make the general assumption that americans are stupid :(
Jc Jc
Fa cebook
sadly enough some people will actually believe this as fact.
Hilarious, but sad. A lot of Americans don't own passports in the deep country. But they are perfectly happy too!
In my day trolling used to be an art.
Seriously? Mother of God. And these people VOTE
Brilliant answer for a brilliant question!

By the way, I'm sure the same thing applies to all Portuguese speaking countries :P
and they say americans are a bit dipsy is a sterriotype and they arn't realy like that
What about us canadiens ? :) some days i feel my eskimo heritage :)
+Dick Thomas Bro you got to understand in most parts of Texas you can travel almost all day and still be in Texas
Fitting answer for such a stupid question. 
Seriously? This is so disheartening.
How ignorant can one truly be? Unless this guy is trolling...
oh randy,  a chinese girl knows more about the united states history than you...i pity your teachers.  (or wonder why they are teaching)
I find it disheartening that such a large portion of G+ users don't get obvious jokes when they see them.
Look at the girls name who answers she question she's not American....
Let me say something ... Not the Europeans who are descendants of the american people... the opposite is correct.. Europe is too too OLD's older than Africa, Asia and of course north and south america... The American people are oiginally Europeans, Africans and some Asians who immigrated later on... except the native indian american and south american '' black people'' .. those are native ..which are sort of extinct right now ..!
The reason of why do they speak American..'' not all of them by the way'' ..that because of the high american globalization among the word.. you may find most of the countries who speak English as a second language, have the american accent!
the best answer was hilarious
Gaza love the answer :)
its not true. all of those cities in america that are named like those British cities were named after the brit's cities. the cities were first started as British colonies that made the cities.
Judging by the response to why Americans are not brought to England by President democracy. Europe in particular, brought democracy until 1945. Eastern Europe until the 80's.
Like +JS Smith says, I think the original poster trolled à la_ Sacha Baron Cohen's _Borat. 
Very creative.....I had a good laugh, thx
Not much of a grasp of actual history.
Stupidity must be spreading fast. The shame of a life time. Then what was the point of going to school. Twelve years down the drain what a waste.
It was obviously a troll and he got a troll answer. 
the person who asked the question is either acting dumb or is clueless.
I myself is not that bright, but this.. This ignorance is not acceptable.
+Robert Partridge 
Well done, sir!

Seems like the What's Hot stream is often filled with humor, gotcha, and "deep" remarks.

My own curated stream is now more awesome than the What's Hot stream (for me), but I still drop by once in a while...mostly to enjoy posts like these :)
What about the Mid East and Africa? I'm pretty sure Columbus was Egyptian.
Lmfao!! Hehehehe..... the question is sad, but the answer is something else!
Wow I suddenly feel much more intelligent
Being a proud native of this continent... 98.7 % of Americans are all foreigners.

On a historical note... HooRay for Columbus... The 8th person to discover a place where people already lived.

"Well where is your Flag... No flag, no country." - Eddie Izzard
To everyone who's laughing their ass off - I'm happy to have brought some joy to your day!
Good ol public school system at work right there. Homeschool for my kids.
Why does this remind me of Apple going "EVERYONE IS STEALING FROM US OMG"?
Please tell me this is a joke. Just please
Because yahoo questions are trolls trolling trolls who troll trolls while trolling.
Holy crap this is awful! These R sum highly edumacated peoples. Lmao
+Glen White Somewhere in the US there is someone reading it and eondering what the joke is because they don'tget it... And you just convinced them to home school... LOL :)
Well, I hope this is not the "Future of America" that posted that... Then again, it doesn't really surprise me at all. They rather learn about facebook, twitter, clothes, etc. than to learn about anything important. 
Im lmao that 6 people said it was good
Jon C
I work at a call center... the general public terrifies me.
American person- Ahhh your English , you drink tea with the Queen!
English person - ahh so you have Mcdonalds with Obama!

+Chloe Long Not if Mrs. Obama has anything to say about it!  She's trying to take away our fries!! ;)   (you call them chips)
Really! Never take da fries! xx haha I guess it's good for a healthier generation though x
Hahaha Lmao and people thing history isn't important 
+Jonny B Good +Kiel Fisher 3% of OK high school students couldn't pass the citizenship test. Sounds bad, but remember, these kids know that the test doesn't effect their grades. Thus, the test was never taken seriously to begin with... till that 3% was released.
I think its a joke, otherwise they are seriously brainwashed by U.S History Teachers.
LOL, Is it a real question and answer? 
Also, let us not forget in the twelfteen hundreds, when the Americans drove back the Minnesota Vikings of the great
N orthern F rontier C onfederacy  (Google it) . In an attempt to occupy America's great water city, the 'Vikes' (as they were known for short), were warded off by the American Warship 'U.S.S Fuck Yeah , commanded by Captain Rocky Balboa. With the help of the Great American Super Hero, Aquaman , the Vikings were defeated. This was known as The Battle of Atlantis  . Sadly, the city was destroyed during this battle and fell into the Atlantic Ocean. In memory of the men who died from both sides in this event, the Americans named the state of Minnesota in their honor on May 11,1858. An American football team was also named in the Vikings' honor in 1960. #study   
Being from plymouth ,uk where the pilgrim fathers set sail i find this quite sad.theres only one native american
These frickin asians are always fooling us silly americans!
A little part of me just died...
That has to be the best answer ever.
No offence or anything but how dumb are do you have 2 be like were u joking that's just sad
I really don't think they were being serious. King Washington? No one is that stupid...
One thing reality TV has taught me stupidity is the new global language!
+Tanith Keen I think the issue here is that most people in OECD countries are bi-lingual in their home language (or two or three :)) and then English.

Australian's, New Zealanders, the British, Canadians and the US Americans all speak English as a first language...and rule the world :)

Joking aside, it's true what you're saying. Other languages have fascinating words, meanings, histories and some sound fantastic.

Dylan Moran has a take on listening to Germans speak. It's naughty...but funny :))

Dylan Moran on Germany
+Victoria Carter - Actually to say you speak American is not really that outrageous.  I often say that myself.  We have our own words, our own dialects, slang... There are British folks I can hardly understand.  We have so many different words that has written MANY articles over the subject of American words creeping into their language or vice versa.

We may speak an offshoot of the British language but after hundreds of years it has evolved into its own.
I would believe the question is real. I live in Nebraska and when my folks were first married they said that they went back east and people asked if there were still indians running around attacking people. (40? years ago)
Wow! Sad indeed!! Our educational system clearly failed this person! Embarrassing. 
Mark C
I want to vote up that response.
Ask a stupid question and get trolled with a hilarious answer.
I'm bi-lingual, i speak english and american...sadly both disagree that the other is a language.
There is a serious educational crisis if schools aren't teaching people to recognise irony.
Students are not being taught this stupidity in our classrooms; especially during history class. 
One word: "Chuck Norris"
because Chuck Norris defies and defines everything. That's why.
best answer by Chinese.. no wonder, everything's made in China. even Yahoo Answers! are now made by Chinese. awesome!!!!!!!!! No Offense. LOL

Besides, I am just stoked about this guy Randy... He spent hundred bucks to visit UK, and yet, he never try to google "England WIKI"? this is by far, more hilarious thing for today, and yes, I read funny stuff 8 hours  a day at the office!!!!
+Robert Partridge Thank you thank you I'll be here all week. lol. I know neither did i but then I suddenly had that poped into my head. give me a bit and I'll come up with something else.
no comment... let the two country decides for them self
Can't tell if trolling or just stupid
+Mellie B Hi Canada! :) I've been looking into their biotech hubs to see if there's any way I could come and stay up there a little (or long) while.

Otherwise, I have an M.S. in biotech and I've never had a firm grasp on history, though the older I get the easier it becomes. ;) And I do know how ridiculous this picture that's gotta count for something.
That answer (in the pic) is the very reason why the French hate Americans...Paris may be the city of love, but the full statement is Paris is the city of love to hate americans. They don't want to admit that we started it.
us americans are the first people....and the dumbest. jk who would be that dumb to ask that?
+Meredeth A. ...ummm The guy (Randy) who asked it? Other than him, Peter Griffen would ask that too.
Oh and dont forget about Bush
Yo no hablo Americano
~Will Ferrell in "Casa de mi Padre"
Where in the blue hell did they get their education from!?!?!
So much fail, in my opinion its a win. Shows where education is going though. 
Children are the future...yet why is all the money for schools going toward road work that just got postponed in the middle of the work? (exact case for where I live)
Oh the questions on +Yahoo! Answers. And the answers, haha.
Americans discovered the earth was flat and that the universe revolved around it.
Sounds like these folks got their GED from the same place GOP vice presidential nominees got theirs. I mean the stories that told... Certainly wasn't the USA we read in school. If I recall there was a woman who went around telling people that Paul Revere was warning the British, instead of the towns people... I'm thinking her story was influenced by an over inflated ego.

EDIT: For those who need clarification, I am speaking of the the post not those responding here. However...
no, the first americans came from Pluto. we had to hide the fact by declassifying pluto as a planet
I love the irony of people calling these posters stupid, not realizing they aren't being serious and that they themselves are actually stupid for not being able to recognize that they're joking.
+Dustin Jones Can never be so sure, some people actually aren't joking and are that stupid...I actually know a few people that ask questions like Randy because they are not informed. though one has brain damage
Bad question, Good answer :D
God didn't make man in his image, Americans did...this process is called botox and plastic surgery...otherwise known as Hollywood
+Franklin Barnett
no, I was intentionally trying to insult every one posting a comment...
What do you think? Sound rational? I'm pretty sure I was only commenting on the material posted and not the people commenting on the post.
+Raymond Lulling If you said you really were insulting everyone posting a comment I would have had something for that...but since you aren't no problems
Trolls. You love them when they're not trolling YOU.
When trolls get trolled...the world will end...oh wait it already happened...False alarm people we'll pick back up on the zombie plague in 2012.
I am going to call this: alternative history trolling.

Or maybe a weird episode of Sliders.
Sliders was Awesome!!!

I need more shows like that one :)
Randy just got edumacatified.
How is it an ignorant bastard like that gets to go to England? Thee should be a "stupid test" before you travel to another country lol.
Some people shouldn't be allowed outside
Is 500 too many comments for some topics?
The woman's response is hilarious though. Randy is an idiot.
Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Gotta love 'Merica!
I once dated a girl that was so dumb that she thought LBJ was spanish for a blowjob.
Dear god.  You people who don't get this is a joke are either developmentally delayed or have Asperger's.
Also its a bit racist, or I guess xenophobic more accurately, that you so easily believe this is an actual ignorant American.
Almost to 500, Robert, and then you can sleep. ;)
We landed  in Mildenhall England at Military  Airport. 1 engine stalled. We, spent 3 days there. Then, engine was, repaired. Hoorah Up Up & Away.WE, flew to the USA.
Lolz. And she forgot to mention the Statue of Liberty that was gifted to France by the then President of USA, Jules Grévy.
Wrong  they do not speak American. They speak english. Some of the words are sounded as we sound them. However, they use so many words, we do not use.
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