The LinkedIn Messaging Protocol

#LinkedIn #PetPeeve #2: Including me on bulk messages. 

I like LinkedIn. It’s a great networking tool and every bit as powerful as face to face networking opportunities both in group and one on one meetings. LinkedIn offers the ability to showcase one’s expertise, create authority and build great business and personal relationships.

Sadly, I've seen a shift over the past few years to more sales pitches in the form of status updates and messages, connections being made for that sole purpose and more bulk messages. While bulk messages in themselves aren't always a negative, when you’re looking to strengthen the relationships you have already established, lumping me in with 20+ other ‘Robert’s in your contacts is certainly not a positive way to connect with me......

I’d love your thoughts on how LinkedIn messaging is being used or how you use it.

The full post can be found on LInkedIn ( or the blog link below.

Also, check out the post by +Erik Luhrs on LInkedIn on "How to Destroy a New LinkedIn Connection.  It ties directly into my views on building relationships:

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