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Kayaker | Speaker | Writer | Consultant.

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Brand Marketing Definition
Branding Definition

Unable to find a 'real' or clear definition, even from the American Marketing Association for branding or brand management, I decided to write one myself based on 25+ years of experience:

"Branding is the practice of creating the look and 'feel' of your brand. Brand marketing is the practice of establishing your image, voice, and person which identifies and differentiates you from your competitors"


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"Small encounters mean everything." ~ +Bridget Willard

That one tweet, that one response... that first hello offline or on.

It's the small moments which add up to create our world.
It's the small moments which connect us in time.
It's the small moments which matter most.

#relationships #WordCamp

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Which Direction Will You Travel?

Some days you need to find your sense of direction.
Some days you need to take the path less traveled.
Some days you need to follow your heart.
Some days you need to head home.
Some days you need to pick a new path.

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Loved the email from the organizers at WordCamp Las Vegas I received:

"With the recent news in Las Vegas, the organizational team wanted to reach out to our +WordCamp Las Vegas family to let you know that we're all safe, and none of our immediate families were involved or directly harmed. That being said, this is a tough time for Las Vegas, and even if our closest friends and family aren't among those directly affected, the whole city is coming together to deal with the aftermath.

The best thing we can do for our city is to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. Our economy is almost entirely supported by tourism and events like WordCamp Las Vegas, so canceling or postponing WCLV would only hurt us more. That's why we're still having our WordCamp, and we hope you'll join us to support the WordPress community and the people of Las Vegas who just want to keep on living.

We on the org team are here to help if you need anything. In the meantime, you can help Las Vegas just by showing up.

Thanks for being a WordCamp Las Vegas speaker. We appreciate you more than you know."

I will still be attending and speaking. Hope you'll join me.


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Cherish the small moments.
Like pieces of a puzzle, when joined together,
they create something beautiful.

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Bad Writing Kills Brands

Don't write good? Get help!

It doesn't matter whether it's on your website (page or blog post) or social media.
1. Bad copy destroys trust.
2. Bad copy doesn’t make people take action.
3. Bad copy doesn’t communicate your story
4. Bad copy doesn’t keep them reading
5. Bad copy doesn’t focus on the reader

~ +Neil Patel

Decide if you need help, then decide if you need a content editor or a copywriter.

#tsomedia #contentmarketing

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Personal or Business Blog?

One goal for the near future, aside from more business content, is my personal blog.

I focus heavily on social media and its relationship to SEO so more content across a variety of sites helps.

For me, a personal blog is about authenticity. Social media, like life, is about developing relationships. How better to develop strong bonds than through personal content. That the reader actually 'knows' or connects with the writer. When that writer is also the principle of a business, how much does that help with the trust factor?

Face it. We don't normally trust brands. We trust the people behind them. Leveraging personal branding, the trust others have in you and the relationships you have grown, to build your brand or the one you represent is powerful.

And a business blog - For me... my brand (+Tactical Social Media) is bigger than me and I have plans for it. For a few clients, I think the personal blog serves them better.

What's best for you? Let's talk!


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One of the better articles on the typical mistakes made by most small businesses.

Even if you think you 'get it', a few hours of education and/or hiring the right social media manager ( are well worth the investment.

1. Cross Platform Auto Posts: and, better yet, automate less!

4. Over-hashtagging: I'll be speaking about proper hashtag use at the Science of Words + Art of Design hosted by the +Creative Alliance of Tacoma on June 20th. (Event sign up:

6. Not Sharing Blog Content On Social: you MUST blog and MUST share articles to your social traffic if you intend to use social media to drive lead generation and sales.

Bonus: Post less and spend more time on social networking


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Exploring the Salmon Beach shoreline

Tide was at one of its lowest points (-3) of the year last weekend. That meant a beach walk.

Amazing what we saw and the memories it brought back of being on the Jersey shore and summers at the old Sandy Hook Naval Base in New Jersey.
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Are you networking?

Networking groups are a powerful way for business owners and sales professionals to connect, build relationships and grow their bottom line.
Before you join, there are 4 key questions to ask yourself when you’re considering networking groups:

Are you ready?
Is the climate of the group welcoming?
Does the format help me make connections?
Do leaders have a mission and a vision?

And a final piece of advice:
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