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Robert Nagle
Fiction Writer, Ebook Publisher & Climate Change Activist
Fiction Writer, Ebook Publisher & Climate Change Activist

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GREAT BULGARIAN FILM: Tonight I watched a wonderful tragicomic movie, "AVE" (2011), about aimless Bulgarian teens who hitchhike close to the border of Bulgaria and Romania. Superb story and acting and themes; here's a stirring (and thematically appropriate) song by Portland folk singer Catherine Feeny, which was also part of the AVE soundtrack.

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NATO AND TRUMP (selected comments from other threads): " Only a grifting conman who bankrupted four casinos, swindled contractors who did work for him by not paying what he owed them would have the unmitigated gall to rant at others about "paying up." How can Donald Trump, of all people, criticize anyone for not meeting their debt obligations?"

"Trump's continual whine is that he, and now we the taxpayers, are being treated unfairly. I agree with the second - we the taxpayers are being treated unfairly by someone who sincerely believes avoiding paying taxes "make me smart" and that this is somehow his civic lesson to the 1%. Let's see your tax returns Mr Trump, and then we'll talk about who's being treated unfairly."

"As a European who lives in both in the U.S. and in Europe, I also would like to remind that many Western European countries are spending billions of dollars taking care of refugees who are fleeing their countries because of illegal wars started by the U.S. Where can we send the bill for that?"

"It is factually incorrect to say that NATO countries are obligated to contribute a minimum of 2% of GDP to NATO. NATO members agreed to WORK TOWARD 2% GDP objective over the the "next decade" in 2014. We won't even mention the hypocrisy of someone who routinely stiffs people for money he actually owes them while demanding money from others that is not owed. Sad." [RJN: Here's more on that last point: ]

NEW POLITICAL TERM I INVENTED: A "back burner environmentalist" is someone who generally accepts the human causes of climate change and perhaps the economic and epidemiological harms of coal and natural gas, but views it as less urgent or actionable than other social and political issues. The "back burner environmentalist" reasons, "Why should I take costly individual countermeasures or judge politicians solely by their climate change views when 1)"countries like China or India are causing more pollution", 2)"poverty and homelessness are also urgent and important" 3)"health care and jobs are MUCH more important than protecting our natural resources for ourselves and future generations, 4)"our schools are failing and badly need public support," 5)"having a clean environment doesn't really matter if you have no retirement or worry about being robbed" or 6)"eventually the free market (and innovators) will find a way to solve many of the current and future problems (i.e., all social problems are solvable within the required time frame)." The "back burner environmentalist" is unable to see how closely all social problems are connected, how some problems have more straightforward solutions than others, how the most visible problems in the news are not necessarily the most urgent, how delay can increase the cost and harm of inaction, and how incumbent industries often exaggerate the cost of transitioning and cause us to overlook promising opportunities which have yet to emerge. 

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Several Trump supporters have been leaving obscene messages and death threats against Houston congressman Al Green. Way to keep it classy, guys! (Green called for Trump's impeachment last week).

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My goal as a writer is to get more positive reviews on Amazon than this (!) ebook.

I am writing an article (and eventually a book) about musical listening habits. Can you please fill out this survey -- it takes about 8-15 minutes. The last question asks if you want to be contacted about the survey results. Thanks for your help.

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This 2 minute video blows my mind. It shows convincing evidence that this dog is viewing and responding to specific images on the TV. Notably, the TV isn't providing any situational sounds, but the dog is getting excited every time it sees a moving image of a dog. In my experience, dogs ignore both the sound and images on the TV. Perhaps they perceive what these images and sounds are supposed to represent, but are mimicking human behavior at staying relaxed when facing the TV.

"There is no shortage of wonderful writers. What we lack is a dependable mass of readers.” —Kurt Vonnegut

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This 3 minute speech against mountaintop mining by a coal miner's daughter is one of the most eloquent and passionate speeches I have EVER heard. She gave it in 2013 -- when she was just an angry woman -- long before she decided to run for Senator against the wealthy pseudo-Democrat Joe Manchin.

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"What makes a coal miner more important than every child in West Virginia who has to deal with dirty water?" (W.V. Activist Paula Swearengin confronting Dem Senator Joe Manchin, two months before she decides to run against him.)
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