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Otis came upstairs and into the bedroom and spent five minutes or so running around the room, looking for his buddy. He finally stopped at the blanket Pinky died on, and just sat on it for a while, looking around and waiting with his tongue out. 

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I have heard that dogs and cats should always see their dead friends after the passing, it helps them relate like 'oh, this is where they are now'.  Did it once with a dead cat and our dog, they were best friends....seemed to work.
I thought about that, but...I already wrapped him up and put him away for burial tomorrow. I don't know if I could bear to unwrap him right now.
understandable.  I did it just before I buried the kitty. The lab sniffed and seemed to look at us like it's ok now that I know.
That would be very hard to see and go through... I do not look forward to how the cats will react when one of the brood passes.
Otis has been through this before, he was serious BFFs with Henry, they used to wrestle and play all the time. 
it's amazing how they can accept things like this while we get so upset.
Yeah, we have a couple of kitties that are BFFs with each other, it will be difficult when one or the other passes on. Ara will probably be the first, she's the eldest, and she's the closest to me. (she's not as close to the other kitties, though.)
Oh, my now oldest cat, Beezus, she pined and cried and searched for weeks after Henry died. He was like her big brother, and the only other pet she liked - she's socially awkward.
that's why the letting them see the body is so good, closure.
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