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Robert Mansperger
I would not do Heaven's work well.
I would not do Heaven's work well.
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For the past month or so in our Team Daily Standup meeting I've been playing with as Post It note sketch that just keeps evolving. The funny part is none of the other people using the room have disturbed it in the least. (Today I added some blue tones since someone left a blue pen in the room).

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Argh, always liked his films.

Jon Stewart you will be missed as host of the Daily Show.

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Additional sketch today during meetings that helped shape ctual conceptual design sketching throughout the day.

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Sketching before a meeting this morning.

"Your father may say and do some stupid things Quinn, but one thing he has never done is lie to me. Don't think for one minute I will take your word over his when we catch you in a lie."

I think this was a compliment. Maybe. Probably.

It is pretty important that everyone be brought up to speed and better understand the aspects of a successful project and process. This way, in the future we can better understand our team, project dynamic, goals and continue to help make great products.

Never be afraid to be there to listen to your Team's concerns, ask a lot of questions, provide honest feedback and recognize in creativity there is going to be a lot of failure. Help your team grow by offering ways to learn from that failure and make it that much better.

Godzilla is now Japan's Tourism Ambassador. Can we get Leatherface to be Tourism Ambassador to Texas and the sexually confused hillbillies of Deliverance to be the Tourism Ambassadors to Georgia?

A great team leader removes obstacles from their team's path so they can create without distraction. Your job is to help them do their job.
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