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The Value of Code Reviews
I have recently seen code that that looked like this. try
... Lines of Code here ...
end; or procedure TCustomClass.MethodDoThis()
... 20 Lines of code ...

procedure TCustomClass.MethodDoThis2()
... Same 20 Lines of code with...

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Ideara / Embaracdero is flushing away user trust in their ability to do secure computing.
In today's computing society you have to think of security first in the design of everything you do. It's costly to retrofit security. In my job I have think about security every day.
The costs of sensitive data escaping is too big to ignore. Trust is...

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Code in Application or the database?
My employer has a fairly large Delphi application with ~5 Million lines of pascal code. They have a large database and use Oracle 12c to manage it. I have seen many methodologies on how to manage your database access code. On the edges I see two extremes ar...

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Rad Studio Berlin 10.1 - First Look via Twitter
Today I installed Rad Studio 10.1 Berlin .    This was my first chance to look at it.   Here are some the tweets are shared earlier today. Just installed Rad Studio 10.1 Berlin. Loved the new install experience. — Robert Love (@DelphiDev) April 21, 2016 Rad...

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SQL Injection - Stored Procedures
Security needs to be multiple levels deep. At one point in time several years ago there was a trend to have all websites code use stored procedures. I heard developers say it prevented SQL Injection. If the database you use allows you to build SQL state...

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SQL Injection
I just wrote a blog posts on security assumptions . I realized there was a huge missing assumption. (This has since been updated.)  Assume that all input can be malicious  Today I want to show the most common mistake, and exploit that I have ever seen. ...

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Security assumptions
When it comes to application security there is lots of
discussion on the Internet about web applications and network security.   I however found far less information when it
comes to desktop applications and other applications that typically reside
behind a...

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Great T-Shirt

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New Rad Studio Coming - Security?
On April 21st & 22nd there will be a Webinar that goes over the Highlights of RAD Studio .  Embarcadero presenters will discuss among other things the following topics:  A new installation tool with GetIt technology and the choice of what you want to instal...

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Raspberry Pi 3 - Arrived and setup.
After a bit of waiting my new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B just arrived.   I wanted to share a few of my steps I used in getting started and paired up with my Mac for easy development. Having played with both Raspbian and Microsoft IOT Core with my Pi 2 .  I curr...
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