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Wibbly Wobbly Chrome
Just tried a hangout with +Adam Vaughan at Guardian and my whole Chrome experience went deeply wibbly wobbly.
It worked for a bit then just fell over, all my google related pages became 'unresponsive' and we gave up. Not happened before?
I bet some of you will know why. I have a fairly ropey internet connection out in the sticks, but if everything goes well, tomorrow afternoon at 4:30pm UK time I'll be doing a public hangout with Adam talking fracking.
Just want to say that I am still not 100% comfortable saying I'm going to be doing a public hangout.
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When I have problems with HangOuts, I change over to the Hangouts with Extras or vice versa. Usually resolves the problem.
For the past week I've found Chrome gets iffy at times when in a Hangout, it's been better lately. You can always try re-installing the Google Talk plugin, but I think it's a Chrome bug overall. Despite, it's much better in the latest version.

Also keep note your current CPU load, hangouts seem to eat up a lot of CPU for me, even though I'm on a decent dual core and 4GB of ram.
Could be a Mac thing...
Nothing wrong with hanging out in public. Just don't let the coppers see you doing it! :-/
Naw Chrome like to crash regularly especially when using video.
The only time I've really seen Chrome throw a wobbly like that is when the computer has been low on resources (using a lot of RAM, CPU is maxed out doing something else, disk is thrashing around at some massive file copy, etc.) or I've been trying to be clever. Hangouts never crashed it before, but I suppose if the Chrome or Google+ guys had been rolling something out at the same time, that might have caused it...
For me, Stable, but looks like it's not happening anymore since the last update, even though there's no claim of a bugfix relating to video.
There's some sort of disruption to the time-fabric continuum. At least, I presume that's what it is, it's certainly got all the signs. There's this big wibbly-wobbly swirly thing that's headed straight towards us.
Tut, Robert. Everyone knows that it's "Styx" ;)
John E
Don't worry about not being able to do a "Hangout". In my experience they are primarily used for mutual masturbation sessions. I'm not sure Google realised the double meaning that could be attributed to "Hangout", some people have taken it rather literally.

Even when not being used to display genitalia, Hangouts are awkward, irritating and deeply, deeply uncomfortable. In fact I feel rather more comfortable looking at unwanted strangers' cocks than people trying to make conversation with their laptop.

The one thing that nobody's ever managed to "crack" about video calling is the fact you invariably look like a complete dickhead sitting looking face-on at a camera and screen combo.
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