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Those in the US will have seen this, but I like it. A pro-solar billboard in upstate New York.
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I thought it was called a "coronal mass ejection".

I kid, I kid.
It can still give people cancer due to excess radiation exposure though. :P
We had a massive solar spill today in Tel Aviv: temps up above 30C :-)
We're having a minor solar spill here in Brigg, though it's considerably cooler than 30°C!
Yes and nobody would be around to see it or even care because it all happens in the desert. Besides there are so few solar generation sites and those site don't produce enough to power more than a small town. Very expensive as well. And, yes I do get the point of the billboard. ;-)
Hemp can save the world as it produces clean fuel not to mention thousands of other things like paper textiles and replaces wood
I find just one (not inconsiderable) flaw with this:

A large solar energy spill is called a "Drought", not "nice day" ;)
or a gigantic solar flare that disrupts all communication world wide sending the world into panic and disaster.
..of course it is.. aisa koi hona chahiye na.. means there has to be someone to tap this solar energy.. as this shall solve many many problems in present and future..
WHERE'S THE SUN SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is clever. You might not think it's funny because you're conservative or "hate hippies" or something like that, but it is clever.

I suppose you might also think it's not funny because it's pointlessly attacking nuclear power, when nuclear power is much safer than coal.
'When there's a huge solar energy spill, it's just called a solar-storm, potentially killing billions.'
Nice Day?
Don't You mean "Solar Flare" Day?
Actually, I believe it is more in reference to an "oil spill", and an attack on that industry, rather than nuclear.
+Richard Stephens Oh, right, that would make a lot more sense. Well, some anyway. Solar would replace coal, not oil directly, so still not right on, but you're right, nuclear isn't the target.
+Phil Spear "when nuclear power is much safer than..." All human processes are highly prone to failure in time (note examples of our best intentions by individuals or institutions). The one inevitable failure by the nuclear power industry means Thousands of years of Regret over Thousands of square miles by multiple Thousands of people. At worst, one failure by the solar industry is likely a hot water boiler explosion. The key consideration in "safer" is the severity of the impact of the inevitable failure.
Well, it depends on what kind of spill it is. Some are known to cause nice nights as well, with auras borealis and otherwise.
Another key consideration is extracting solar energy means MASSIVE investment in solar technologies and research.
While Nuclear energy research is mature enough to give MASSIVE amounts of output.

Note that MASSIVE input is waaaay more difficult compared to getting MASSIVE output.

Economically speaking the US doesn't / can't afford to spend their way into a new technology which is still immature because of all the private paychecks Oil Barons are paying the US government and others to shut up about solar technology development since Jimmy Carter tried to do it ??

So good luck trying to compete against China ... who don't care or need Oil Barons ... they just need the oil from wherever or whoever will sell it to them until they can start using solar tech to save their own hides.
Photoshopped hahaha
(Based on the text being level with the borders of the photo, not the billboard.)
Solar: The next big thing that'll never actually BE a big thing.
itt: a lot of people who don't know as much about nuclear power as they think they do
So is a cloudy day called a black out? Lol
LOL You think everyone in US can see signs in upstate New York? In all seriousness solar energy is nice but too inefficient, hopefully someday research will catch up with the promises.
that is like impossible for the hole u.s to see sings in up stat new York sorry but it is
+Andres Soolo: If it takes 20 years to break even on the cost of a solar panel vs just getting the electricity offthe grid nobody will buy them. Efficiency is what prevents solar power from being more successful. The bang for the buck just isn't there.
I love USA because it is cool and i support Liverpool.WHO LOVES LIVERPOOOOOOOOOOOOLL?
74F in Mooresville, North Carolina
I'm from Arizona and I say, Yah Babe! as long as I can stay indoors:)
Cleaner Solar and Wind energy systems could be competitive against traditional oil, coal, nuclear, if their entire true costs from their use were accounted for in the price--the cost of 2 Gulf Wars and the decades of military presence; the increased health cost from pollutants; the the costs to maintain nuclear waste for thousands of years or the costs of just one nuclear disaster cleanup.
Can you prove that? It's your hypothesis, the burden of proof is on you. But then I assume you are investing all your available money in solar.
Naw, it's called "OMG HEAT WAVE DEEEATH!" :)
Just a chip off the old bloke?
The wars in the middle east were battles to empower democracy, at least that's what the politicians say. But what dictatorships have changed to democratic ways of rule. It seems they more like let the Islamic ways get bigger footings in the power flow of the region. And as soon as Iran gets its Nukes they will or at least Israel will be glowing in the dark. By the time the
Jewish recover we will be using Antimatter bombs (bigger booms, less radiation).
it's spring or summer
Actually, they've started calling it climate change.
If we put half the money into advancing solar tech that we dedicate to defense spending, we'd be living in an entirely different world.
And yet will wouldn't have the world we live in today, if just waited for solar panels to save the day.
If you consider the cost of the generators, solar energy is actually one of the dirtiest (Most polluting, least efficient) means of power production.
And we would probably be speaking a different language...
omg we dont get a lot of that were i live :( but when we do HELL YAH!!!!
Check out the big concentrating solar collector in Twentynine Palms CA...strangely beautiful if you ask me.
Some* people call it a "nice day." Minnesotans stay inside and pray for snow.
I'm in the U.S., and I hadn't seen it--thanks for sharing!
Actually, it's called an E.M. pulse.
Why can't some people understand: We'll never DRILL our way out of oil dependence.
shane b
and no one dies
If one of those giant wind farm blades fell off and crushed you it wouldn't be so funny.
but when faced with global devastation of overpopulation (thus the urgent need for alternative energies) no one wants to seem to ask how 'we' got there... anyone...? you can't fix ANY! problem by ignoring it's source.
Cloudy days tend to be windy, so a windmill is a nice compliment to solar power.
Mmm i think that is allright , we live that on Gaza Strip / palestine
I get the point of it and I agree with it, when it's up against fossil fuel. But nuclear energy is still the cleanest, safest and most efficient form of energy. A few meltdowns every few decades, killing hundreds is nothing compared to the countless lives affected in a negative way from the effects of fossil fuel. The media just prefers to blow nuclear accidents out of proportion because they are exciting. A gram of Uranium can release over a million times the energy than that of a gram of conventional fuel. The sad part is, that knowledge was used to make weapons.

Alternative energy is wonderful, but sadly it's inefficient, not practical, and very expensive.
Loved the billboard! People rarely if ever realize the true cost of fossil fuel. The cost to the environment and human health is enormously high.
I love bill boards that say weird things. Like one time I saw on G+ a picture of a sign that said "Diapers & politicians should be changed often. both for the same reason."
It seams that you still do not understand, the oil compamys are riping every one off, the spectulators are driving the price even higher, and for the most part we are simply supporting the econamies of people that hate us. That said we are also poluting at a rate that is unstainable, driving gobal warminr and so on. there is on such thing as clean cole, what we need is a decent nuclar program despite what occured in Japan atomic power is really what we need. The investment woould pay off in greatly reduced dependance on forgian oil, and put an end to getting riped off buy the oil companys, so do you understand now??
+Clayton Thompson , Solyndra's failure did not lead to massive cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Solyndra could have succeeded had they controlled and reduced their internal costs, and had not overpromised their performance against other solar photovoltaic products. The fact that US DOE did not put more caution in before lending them half a billion dollars is a demonstration of a political spill of epic proportions, not a "solar spill". Was that your point? There is a huge solar power market, and it's growing everyday.
Exposure to solar energy causes cancer.
Totally! I have solar panels and just got my bill with a -$215 balance! Yippee for free solar!
Or globe warming if you live in the U.S.A.!
That's an awesome science fiction billboard. Reality is in how those products are created.
Great piece on Stossel (I know the libs can't stand him): "No they Can't" ...showed incentives for creating things that actually work! Opposite idea than the government give a ways.
Maybe if they spent more time perfecting solar energy, we wouldn't need to like the waste of time and energy put into this allegedly witty billboard.
I thought it was called a potentially life-threatening solar flair.
So are sombreros anti-American and anti-green?
Cool poster. Not tapping into solar power strikes me as a total waste, but on the other hand it won't be able to supply all the energy we need. Germany is a good example of both; it's current installed base of 25 GW solar power supply them with about 3% of their total electricity (2011), and they intend to reach 25% by 2050. Even so it's a huge step.
I vote we have more nice days. :)
+Clayton Thompson You seem to be completely misinformed. The oil companies receive about 20 billion dollars a year, in subsidies, from the government, far more than the measly 500 million that was loaned to Solyndra. Part of Solyndra's failure can be traced to China subsidizing their solar companies so that they could sell at below market prices and eat the loss while removing competition from the market.
"solar energy spill" makes me think of crazy solar flares that could destroy us all, but I might just be watching too many 2012 documentaries on cable. :D
You might look into the connection between solar energy and mood...
ha ha my mom broke out laughing good one
What a cool sign!
Solar power is dangerous?
I thought that, according to the same "scientists" that believe in global warming, we are getting closer to the sun and will eventually all perish because of it. So, conveniently, now that the sun is seen as an "alternative" to fossil fuels, an overabundance is a good thing? Junk science.
I guess it worth pointing out the solar energy already powers this planet. Ever heard of photosynthesis? Try living without that.
In general, ironic signs are not preferred. Action is.
+travis wilson We are not moving closer to the sun. The sun is expanding outward. It will fry earth in about 10 billion years, so its definitely something we have to worry about in the near future.
3 trillion trees easily live off of solar power. That isn't accounting for bushes, grass, weeds, ferns, algae, bacteria, seaweed, seagrass, flowers, single celled organisms... you get the picture. NOT harnessing solar power is the stupidest thing we can do.
Thats unigue, and I like it. I must keep that in mind!
YEAH man you are right especially in India it is more than stupidity not to realize its potential...
Too bad a nice day won't drive your car.
power your calculator?!, just the beginning
how many oil companies are going bankrupt? How many solar companies are going bankrupt? Solar is not a viable option until it can fly a jet across the pacific ocean.
pro-solar?what's meaning?
"Fossil" fuels is green energy, think about it what heats your house?
Another thing to remember, those nicely heated homes you all live in...what kind of equipment was used to bring and build those homes, and how did all that stuff get to your homes??
Keep in mind guys, the crater off the coast of the yucatan peninsula (which scholars think caused the extinction of the dinosaurs) emitted more CFC's than combined automotive and industrial emissions since modern time keeping, I say enjoy the sun and natures beauty before the next ice age!!! Never believe professional politicians, they flunked science!!
Wait! Instead of using oil...let's build solar panels with what petroleum we have left and slap a buzzword on it.
If it's a really big solar energy "spill", it's the end for all of us. 
Probably! if you like frying eggs on your cars body then you may call it a nice day in middle east.
The problem is that upstate New York is not exactly a place where they suffer huge solar energy spills. Down here in Oz the careless handling of solar energy can causes billions in property damage, not to mention the ongoing carcinogenic risks involved in continual handling such a toxic substance! Every summer the Australian government is forced to run public-service announcements about the hazards of dealing with it, and the necessity to wear protective garments when a spill does occur (which they do with great regularity).

Really, it's every bit as dangerous as dihydrogen monoxide (although, as yet, only the Greeks have actively experimented with using solar energy in warfare, unlike everyone else* who have entire branches of their military dedicated to the use of dihydrogen monoxide in warfare). <grin>

[* Yes, including the Swiss.]
It's also called a heatwave, which invariably directly kills a number of weak and/or old people every year. Just sayin'.

And don't even think about trying the same soundbite with wind- or water-energy.
It's a sungasm...helio-ejaculation...Sun come lightly...
But to be fair, it could be a nice day that fries half our satellites and takes down the power grid in a whole continent. And if we were really unlucky, it could do a lot worse. Just the down side of living this close to a middle-aged star.
I would LOVE to see the looks on the politicians faces!
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