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Red Dwarf X first official image
Yes folks, this is it, the 1st official release of an image from Red Dwarf X. Many comments have already been passed on this image, including 'what are they all looking at?' 'Kryten looks really old' and 'Danny John Jules never looks old.' Also, 'the make up department clearly have their work cut out with all of you (true)) and 'why are you all looking in different directions. Any additions to these gratefully received.
A truly rubbish, low res version of the picture was featured in 'The Sun' today, the UK's leading (cough) tabloid 'news' paper.
Everyone in in the picture got a name check except one. No mention of your truly for which I give genuine thanks.
So far I believe I have never had my name actually printed in that rather unpleasant publication and if all goes well, I never will.
(photo courtesy of Grant-Natlor)
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That's hardly fair - how can Kryten look old? A non mention from the Sun is a compliment - you might have said something correct about Murdoch at one point or another.
Congratulations on your record of never being mentioned in the Scum Sun.
Awesome, can't wait! (and as amazing as it is I don't think I can stand watching many more repeats on Dave!)
Great pic +Robert Llewellyn but it looks like youve gone through a worm hole and landed in the Rovers Return of the future :-)
The Cat has gone all Shirley Bassey XD

Looks good already
I really hope the set is as fun as it seems. :)
Somewhere there's a painting of Danny ageing terribly
Thoughts of the cast:
Cat - "I hope that G.E.L.F. appreciates my fashion sense, even though I'm standing next to Goal-Post-Head.
Rimmer - "Oh God. A G.E.L.F. It's probably going to try to sodomize my nostrils and ears simultaneously. I should be standing behind Lister so they get him first.
Lister - "Is that a bit of curry splashed next to the view screen? Oh my God I hope there's still more curry in the hold!"
Kryten - "Oh no, a G.E.L.F.! We're going to die before I've finished folding the laundry!"
They found some nice big TFT monitors on their travels over the last decade!
My exact words when I found out new episodes were on the way? "HOLY SHIT!"
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this will be a nice change from the depressing Game of Thrones.
So....holograms age then? ;)
YEY!! Im so happy you guys are coming back.
Good point lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The shocked expressions look like they have just seen Kryten's collection of "double polaroid" photos. :-)
Its not funny how funny this show is. Watched the old one back in the 90's.
What an awesome show that was
They're watching old re-runs of Emmerdale Farm.....
This was my favourite TV Show of ALL TIME and now they are bringing it back. I am so happy right now.
+Dave Oxley The computer aged Rimmer to help all the Dwarfers cope mentally with the aging process... Rimmer would be depressed seeing his friends age when he is not and the others would be depressed to see that they were getting old and Rimmer was not.
Admit this: You made that face that the guy in the blue shirt is wearing after the first 10 seconds of one of Justin Bieber's songs.
Oh! I can't wait!
So excited cant wait for this to air.
Lol, Danny's hair is massive!
Blimey, haven't you all aged well! +Robert Llewellyn - I am assuming that you have under all that make up :)
Hope they somehow manage to ignore the continuity of the last few series and start it from the end of series 6.
John E
More Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge.

Less trying to save the world with milkfloats.
But if he doesn't save the world there won't be anything but Scrapheap Challenge!
John E
+Tom Hamshere I could live in that world, I really could. Lets get this party started!

I want to live in the series 1 world where nothing made sense and it was meant to be set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. But only if Lisa Rogers was queen to Kryters' King, not Cathy Rogers.

+Mark Thomas Listen, just because you have the same name as a famous cunt doesn't give you the right to behave like him!
What was in Lister's demijohn? Urine Recyc? :) Would explain the face he's pulling!
You're not getting any younger, sir. And neither are your sperms. I'm getting worried about those guys. Any older, and they might need a Stannah stairlift to get up the Fallopian tubes
Words can hardly describe my excitement at the news! So I won't bother.....
why do you all ask meaningless questions that will just be ignored ?
better be better than the poor excuse of a show that back to earth was
Since Red Dwarf has been recently reissued on Netflix, I've fallen in love with it all over again. I'm terrified that the new series will be shit should, Back to Earth wasn't watchable and neither was Series VII or VIII. I hope that Grant and Naylor has both written this series.
John E
Go in with low expectations and you won't be disappointed. The early seasons of red dwarf were written by two men at the top of their craft, hungry for success, young and naive without the bitterness of working in TV on their shoulders. This new series may well be written by the same people, but they can never be the 'same people'... If you want the old red dwarf again, then go watch it again.
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