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Fill Yer Tanks
I’ve been out of the UK for the past 6 days so I’m a little out of the loop, but let me just see if I’ve got this right. The current Prime Minister was slipping into the mire with ugly revelations about dodgy donors dinners in Downing Street. I wasn’t surprised, we’ve all known grubby back handers from big corporations have a massive influence on policy. It’s not party political, all parties (other than possibly the Greens) are guilty of the same deep and soul-destroying corruption.
But this was a bit too obvious and nasty, Dave C did a bit of wriggling and excuse making but it wasn’t working, then the fuel tanker drivers handed him an excuse on a silver platter.
If you are Prime Minister and you’ve spent your life doing PR and you say ‘drivers should just top up their tanks and not worry about it’ you know what you’re doing.
It’s calculated, it’s been mulled over, the possible public reaction to this statement had been assessed and sure enough, the moronic Mail readers, fed a constant diet of fear and anxiety about foreigners, communist truck drivers and evil social workers waiting to take away your children responded by sitting in queues outside filling stations where there was no shortage like a row of brain dead numpties. Should I really be blaming the great British driver with our legendary foresight and innate intelligence? What about, as I’m sure I’ll get a Tweet to remind me to feel guilty, what about the mum taking her sick child to hospital who had nearly run out of petrol and had no choice?
What was incredible though was that there was no shortage, there was no need to panic buy, the tanker drivers didn’t go on strike and the spotlight of our proud British media was turned off Dave and his money grubbing crawling to large donors popping in for a take away at Number 10. Job done.
However, the flip side of this event was the innate fragility of our dependence on the fuel regular readers know I love to harp on about. Mr One-Note Samba starts to parp-parp-parp on his little tune. Maybe we need parp-parp-parp to think about parp-parp-parp our dependence on a fuel supply parp-parp-parp that is at best going to get ridiculously expensive and parp-parp-parp at worst just going to run out.
The non-existent fuel shortage instantly sent the country into a tailspin. How can we even live without our cars, how can we survive for 10 minutes without driving! Arrrgh, 2012, it’s the end of life as we know it! One old Etonian says ‘fill yer tanks’ and everyone feels nauseous with fear.
Energy independence, from national to community level, from huge industrial generating plant to a solar array on your roof, a wind turbine at the end of your street, a geothermal plant by the playing fields, a micro-nuclear facility buried in the ground near the re-cycling depot would change the way we operate.
It’s not a cure all, it would bring up fresh new problems and issues but a huge amount of our fragile transport and energy infrastructure would without doubt be more resilient to the vagaries of well dodgy UK politicians and even more dodgy Middle Eastern regimes. I’m #justsayin’
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It's just the g'ment pouring more fuel on the fire of general dis-order they want in this country.

And where has Dave's fairness gone?????
"In The Thick Of It". So who's playing the part of the rabid scotsman in the background running around shouting FUCK a lot.

We had the Parish Council, then the Edinburgh Mafia. Now we've reverted to the 6th Form Common Room. Anybody would think this was 1962[1] again.

[1]Hmm. Alec Douglas Hume? Or is it actually 1972 and it's Heath's 3 day week.
It was kinda funny watching from outside the UK as everyone panicked (right up to the point someone got burned). Though of course, if the Russians stop supplying Gas most of the Electric cars will be in trouble (unless it's really, really sunny).
Couldn't agree more. He isn't stupid enough to be stupid enough to tell us all to top up our cars NOW and cause queues and petrol shortages without there being a reason.
+Brian London You are correct, our reliance on Russian gas is just as bad as our reliance on Saudi oil. We should work towards not needing either as soon as we can. However as I will soon demonstrate on 'Fully Charged' when you charge an electric car at night, a very different picture of energy supply emerges.
+Robert Llewellyn yes, the overnight aspect of most EV car charging is absolutely KEY. It's the smart, flexible aspects of Better Place and their minute by minute communication with Israel's power grid that are the most exciting part of their model. The ability to cut off or reduce charging for lower priority batteries if the grid is short of power during the day is a true revolution.
Just remember the shelves in Scotland will now be empty no milk no bread no water due to snow tomorrow England will do the same if and when to forecasted snow starts Brits love to panic buy
Makes me wonder how much money the government collected from fuel duty in those three days. One figure I read was 31 million overnight on the first day of the announcements, but I don't know where that was sourced from. Would be interesting to know though.
Totally agree Robert and it simply can't go on. See the irony of it all as I walk along our local main road that runs from Bradford to Huddersfield and pass all those cars with usually just one person inside, and arrive in town before them. Its just getting ridiculous. I know many who won't even walk up to their local store anymore but jump into one of their many cars in the drive. Even more laughable to me (ironic) is the sight of them driving to the local gym where they pay tons of money to keep fit. I pay nothing because I walk everywhere I can and know what? I'm glad I'm not a car owner! Obesity. How much of that (especially in children) is caused by going out the door and jumping into a car? Its not just about petrol and our dependency on it, its about all of the other issues that riding about in cars has produced over the years.
+Robert Llewellyn if you can explain how a modern grid works (and what happens to the inevitable and necessary excess power that must be there) in 5 minutes you'll deserve a Pulitzer!
I was pleading with people to panic buy bicycles rather than fuel or even car share!

It doesn't seem the government or the opposition parties have picked up on the dependence on fuel issue. Rather they point the finger saying how rubbish the other is.
OK, here goes....
Spot on as usual Mr L, what will they think of when the next sleazy back-hander scandal hits the ivory tower - toxic badgers poisoning our childrens milk, unpatriotic cat impersonators winning safe seat by-elections, mutant GM crops invading suburbia after a media shower? Or will there just be a blanket news blackout like there was when the NHS bill was being forced through?
Who knows? It has reached a point in this country where the greater good of the population has been conveniently sidelined to facilitate the lining of politicians pockets before they scurry back under their backers rocks after the next election.
If only the MP's were far sighted enough to be personal investors in the development of profitable new forms of energy generation, you might just see massive leaps forward in the nationwide micro-generation network we desperately need.
In the mean time, keep an eye out for those badgers!
+Technogran there are people who would drive to their toilets if they could.
As I often see on a small scale at work, sadly it usually takes a big failure before the powers that be will take seriously any issues relating to sustainability, continuity, etc. On that basis, one assumes that the UK - and indeed the world as a whole - will need to run into a major fuel-related disaster before any heads of state will finally act... and then it will probably be just to declare war on someone that's still got some fuel reserves left...

Oh human race, it really is time to grow up...
+Alan Edwards Oh no! It's Easter this weekend, too! Everyone needs to stock up on enough to feed a third world country because the shops will be shut FOR ONE DAY!
+Rob Grikmeer +Heather Kavanagh Completely off topic.... You want to see non religious Jews stock up on bread products before the supermarkets stop selling them all for the 8 days of Passover. Only way to get a piece of pita bread in Tel Aviv for a week is to buy it from the Arabs in Jaffa (and believe me there will be a big queue of Jews up there all next week).
The general public does by definition contain some very stupid people. I used to live near a town centre supermaket and people would be rolling up in there cars on Christmas Day hoping it was open. I mean really people. It's not like this Christmas thing is a new idea here.
I think you should rant more often sir!

I'm not happy to give up big V8's just yet though. :)
+Mike Rodgers My local Co-op opens on Christmas Day, so this is not as daft as it first appears. It's been jolly handy on a couple of occasions too.
Just after the big tsunami my friend asked me to buy some batteries for her as they had rolling blackouts. The day before I did not notice anything strange but when I went out to buy for her all the shops were empty. It was the first realization in Osaka that any disaster had happened. One of my favourite missing objects was condoms. There were big signs saying sorry no stock because of the earthquake. So just remember when the oil goes up and lorry drivers stop working then make sure you stock up on prophylactics as if you are going to spend time at home without any electricity you are going to need something to occupy the time.
Yes, Robert, that about sums it up perfectly. Imagine what we'll know in another 6 days time!

Shaun L
+Robert Llewellyn - think you're probably spot on with the first couple of paragraphs.

When we started discussing this at work last week, first question was 'what are they trying to cover up now?', with 'Dave's dodgy dinners' being the obvious choice.
misdirection rules!

and while like with the magician on the telly, you are staring at the pretty girl in not much outfit

the trick is done and finished and you never noticed!

Government from ages past, down through centuries of rule, misrule, oppression and outright dictatorship, have honed the art of confusion to
a razors edge!

frankly at this stage it is amazing IF you notice the moment when they cut your throat and sell your carcass for glue!
I thought this fake panic was great, as soon as everyone else had a full tank I rolled in this morning, filled up and paid in record time as I was the only one there. Brilliant!

This will have also just happened to have boosted profit figures before the end of the tax year (this Friday?)
Do dictators need to use misdirection. Surely they can do what they want and not worry about what people think. It's the namby pamby democracies that rely on dishonesty to remain in power.
I wish I could afford to stop renting, and own my own place that I could fit an electric charging point to, and get an electric car! It seems so far a goal for me, but I also feel like it's needed. Oh well, back to the petrol for me :/
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