I Fracked Up

Learned a great deal from my previous post about the idiocy of fracking. I have a slightly immature rant on a subject I feel passionate about, this garners the most supportive but constructively critical comments from the most intelligent people I have ever encountered on the internet.
I was spitting chips about what I felt were dodgy experts we were expected to rely on as they presented a report of the safety or otherwise of fracking.
People with more intelligence (and possibly time) than me looked into the make up of the panel of experts and found them to be, for the most part, legitimate scientists familiar with the peer review process who had done a reasonable job.
It was pointed out by numerous people that if we doubt scientific peer reviewed research when we question the result, (fracking) and yet support it when we don't, (Anthropomorphic climate change) we are in danger of behaving like the moronic sub species of semi human such as the fool pictured below.
So I stand by my staunch opposition to gas fracking, it is stupid, it's short sighted, it will have long term harmful effects, it's a sign of a desperate industry in a panic.
All the panel of experts reported on yesterday was the earthquake possibilities which are the least of the problems. Its the chemicals they pump into the ground under enormous pressure that are of much greater concern.
Here's a quote from a recent report by a bunch of greenie wierdos, oh no wait, it was the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce in the USA

“Between 2005 and 2009, the oil and gas service companies used hydraulic fracturing products containing 29 chemicals that are (1) known or possible human carcinogens, (2) regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act for their risks to human health, or (3) listed as hazardous air pollutants under the Clean Air Act.” Of the 29 chemicals, 13 are classified as carcinogens, 8 are Safe Drinking Water Act regulated chemicals, and 24 are hazardous air pollutants. Many of the chemicals fall into more than one category."
So, I am learning, when it comes to nasty business like this, it's woorth knowing your facts, unlike the daft little prick pictured below.
He recently said 'The electric car is a sign of the wussification of America' so he is never a man to under twist any logic or sense with pure, childish emotion.
As with numerous right wing nutbags like our own barking mad James Dellingpole, I use them as a guide post, if anything I say or write is in any way similar to them, I stop doing it and think for a year or two.
Pic from business insider dot com
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