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Just dump it in the Sea, it'll be fine
Why hasn't this documentary (shown in Germany and France) ever been broadcast in the UK?
I wonder.
Oh, it's about nuclear waste and the shockingly stupid attitude of the Nuclear industry and the governments and scientists that support it.
Nuclear power stations, safe as houses.
Nuclear waste disposal/storage/management.
Don't ask.
No, seriously, don't ask.
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The major problem with nuclear power is what to do with the waste fuel, our governments conveniently forget to look at the whole picture when it comes to nuclear power and are happy to leave this issue for many of our future generations to deal with
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Robert Llewellyn

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Chilling, fascinating and deeply worrying
This showtime series is, I believe, currently running in the USA. They have put the entire 1st episode on YouTube. It's nearly an hour long but it's very well put together and has some very well known faces taking part.
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The sound bite take-away from The Limits To Growth is "If the resource limits don't get you, the pollution will". If you treat atmospheric CO2 as 'pollution', that sounds about right.

What we seem to be getting now from the analysis is that the financial markets will likely have a big part in how that plays out. High prices limit demand. Low prices make extraction of the remaining resource un-economic. But pent up demand is high enough to force that unstable system into increased volatility swinging back and forth. The one thing we probably won't get is unlimited, constant, 3% PA, global GDP growth. The thing that's underpinned that for the last 100 years is unlimited cheap oil. And even then that 3% hasn't exactly been constant.
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Robert Llewellyn

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Around the World in 80 days
I'm sure we'll hear a great deal more about this before 2016, but last night I attended an event to launch the 80 day race.
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rather hoping that they'll bump into Atlantis
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Robert Llewellyn

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Time Dilation
It often feels like only a few weeks ago that I first started working on Red Dwarf.
As this picture of the cast taken at a recent convention shows, I am merely experiencing a fluctuation in the time/space continuum. 
'We're not even getting old, we are old, man' is the quote I remember from Mr Charles on seeing this picture.
Old but quite enjoying it.
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Mac McDonald. Is it bad that I thought it was Mark Williams, AKA Catering Officer Olaf Petersen?
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VW e-Golf | Fully Charged
A casual cruise around beautiful Berlin in the impressive VW e-Golf.
Tidy, smooth, reliable, efficient, quiet, reassuring, competent.
Basically all the things I'm not which is why I like it
And a tiny glimpse of the upcoming Golf GTE
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Renault Zoe ev has a "voice" below 20mph..can be switched off.. 
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Robert Llewellyn

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Electric Avenue | Fully Charged
The launch in the UK of the My Electric Avenue project. 
It's a scheme to test what happens when groups or 'clusters' of neighbours on the same feeder from the local electricity substation.
The technology being introduced will help power suppliers and the grid manage the increased use in electric vehicles.
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+rotaryfreak3 I think the volume level was to high (maybe in the wireless receiver's output) and the camera can't handle too high amplitude and distorts the sound.. I think that's the problem, but it could be a too high volume in any other stage of sound.
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Robert Llewellyn

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The best no wast.
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Robert Llewellyn

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Metrocab | Fully Charged
A new electric taxi for London's diesel choked, particulate saturated streets. Bigger, smoother and cleaner, a delight to drive and so much more economic than the classic rattlers.
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+Dai Laffin "On a quiet day". It's pretty dire round here. 
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jaguar land rover installs UK's largest rooftop solar panel array:
more than 21,000 photovoltaic panels, with a capacity of 5.8MW, have been fixed to the roof of the manufacturing plant in south staffordshire. #solarpanels #technews #thefutureisnow #alternativeenergy
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great!!we need more major companies to do the same, I mean...they do have the money
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So Happy I don't live in a Fox News World
This bizarre conversation between Bill O'Reilly and some random  'free market capitalist libertarian' bloke talking about electric cars.
The success of Tesla really puts a crimp on his day. 
Note: It may be my bandwidth but the Fox News video player is the slowest and most annoying I've experienced in a while.
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I see what you did there, I read, was tempted ,and clicked then found myself on the fox (Entertainment) news page before I even realised. Now I have to go wash the stink of bad journalism off myself and out of my web cache.
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