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What? Anyone know anything about a Dell Calamity? Argh, after weeks of research and finally settling on an affordable laptop, there is this. Argh.

Hi Mr. Leuallen,

Good day.

Thank you for choosing Dell. Due to calamity circumstances that have affected Dell Communications, I am temporarily unable to readily access your account information. In order for us to assist you with your request, kindly send us a follow up email within 1-2 days so we can give you a call back and assist you accordingly. Thank you.

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someone spilled their cocktail.
+james kalin dang office partys anyway. Interesting language, calamity circumstances. Hey M Dell is on G+, maybe he knows.
I know nothing about a Dell calamity, but it seems to be standard procedure for their sales department. I can tell you, I will never, ever buy another Dell product after this last experience.
+Alison Marlowe Argh, what happened to you? It appears this is a phishing thing, I received another email later saying my order has been shipped, question is how did they get the other order info? Either Dell or I was somehow hacked. I'm checking with Dell to sort this out.
+Robert Leuallen Easier to list what *didn't* happen. We were an all Dell household - two towers, two laptops. I decided to replace my tower with a gaming laptop. Which was fine, until it had power issues, and tech support bricked it when it was less than a week old. Cue laptop replacement, which was a total disaster, and I spent more time on the phone trying to straighten things out than it was really worth. Finally got the laptop, and they upgraded the DVD drive to 3D, which I didn't want, and the one thing I specified, they didn't do. At which point, they decided they didn't care and weren't going to help. Also, turns out the Nvidia video card in the tower? Wasn't Nvidia. Considering that was a paid upgrade when it was ordered, I'm kinda pissed about that. So, no more Dell for us.

Good luck getting a straight answer from Dell - none of the departments have any freaking clue what any other departments are doing.
Also, I've had the gaming laptop for less than six months, and I've already had to flatten and re-install everything. Oddly enough, it works much better now.
+Alison Marlowe bummer for you, now I'm scared. Guess I need to carefully check mine when it gets here, Fed X says today. Thanks for the info.
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