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Robert Leasure

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Beware!  "The Ransom Artist': Someone reserves a variation of your company name before you can and then attempts to sell it back to you for an outrageous amount. 
The anti-cybersquating law was introduced by Senator Orrin Hatch, on the grounds that it is unethical for people to obtain domain names that are identical to a trademark. This legislation gives the trademark owner the power to sue violators...  "" 

  Yes this company are trying to sell my trademark name Spartan Training® as the domain name for $25000...They know I own the trademark Spartan Training® USPTO Reg 4428176...Int. Cls.41 and 44.  I already own and Spartan.Training and several Spartan Training domain names. 

Here is case law:
Panavision, Int., L.P. v. Toeppen, 945 F. Supp. 1296, 40 U.S.P.Q.2d (BNA) 1908 (C.D. Cal. 1996). The Court found that defendant’s registration of the plaintiff’s trademarks as the defendant’s domain name for purposes of resale constituted trademark dilution. Accord Intermatic, Inc. v. Toeppen, 947 F. Supp. 1227, 41 U.S.P.Q.2d (BNA) 1223 (N.D. Ill. 1996). The plan to resell the domain name was determined to be “commercial use” which is required to constitute dilution.""

Here is the violation:"Find the best domain name like Spartan Training available and develop it into a top brand. Purchasing your domain is simple and will be transferred to your account at GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Enom, or any other domain name registrar you prefer immediately". 
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Robert Leasure

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500 calories
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Robert Leasure

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Robert Leasure

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Robert Leasure

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Robert Leasure

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Lift weights get strong.... Women do not bulk up from lifting weights...they bulk up from lifting the wrong kind of foods at the dinner table...Shoveling fruit into your mouth does not make you makes you insulin resistent...Fruit is sugar...however you want to dress it up its still, natural, healthy are just marketing terms used to sell products...Organic fruit absorbs into the blood stream just as fast as non organic... both cause the same insulin surge...
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Robert Leasure

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This is a collapse from 1995 in South Korea a department store comes down and resembles a demolition...but was in fact terrible construction and inspection by corrupt officials and contractors...I wonder if the towers had any of that kind of thing happening during construction...???

Robert Leasure

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Friends: Hefner and Cosby have been close since the 1960s but last weekend the Playboy creator issued a statement distancing himself from the comedian, saying of the allegations:  'The mere thought is saddening.'
Daily Mail Online
Chloe Goins, 24, told MailOnline she was 18 when she went to the Playboy Mansion in Beverley Hills with a friend but was handed a spiked drink by Cosby and woke up being attacked by him.
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    Robert is recognized as an athlete in his own right, setting the standard for Spartan Training, with high intensity calisthenics. Robert defined The Spartan Standard exampled in his own 7 day Spartan workout ; 1200 pushups in 1 hour (that’s 20 per minute), squat-thrust 45 minutes non-stop, jumping –jacks 5000 non-stop, walking lunges 1 ½ hours non-stop, dips 1000 in 1 hour (that’s 17 per minute), pull-ups 500 in 1 hour, and set-up routines lasting well over an hour. Robert gives meaning to Spartan Training through his athletic achievements. At 61 years of age, Robert can stand alongside his best athletes and push them to higher levels and inspire them to new heights. The Spartan Challenge!
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+1 480-221-9735
Spartan Training® 985 W. Chandler Heights Rd. Suite #12 Chandler AZ. 85248
Spartan Metabolic Weight Loss Training; Learn the facts about weight loss at Spartan Training®

Spartan Training® 

Spartan Training®, is first and foremost in metabolic training and reversing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, You will learn how to increase your metabolism. The reason for being overweight is a metabolic issue in which the liver is fatty and unhealthy, which in turn affects the thyroid resulting in a lowering of the metabolism, Spartan Metabolic Training is designed to increase your metabolism and support a healthy liver.
  You can do a thousand different exercises from Crossfit to Youfit to BeFit to PlanetFit, but if you are not using your muscles correctly, you are not being effective in your training. At Spartan Training we are not going to entertain you with how many different exercises we know how to do. We are going to teach you how to use your muscles effectively and efficiently so that you are not wasting your time and money on training that’s just not getting to job done. Increasing lean muscle increases your metabolism, thereby helping you to reach your weight loss goals. 
   With our 30 days to metabolic weight loss system, you get a 7 point body tracker fitness assessment where we pin point your body-fat and project how much body-fat you are going to lose in 30 days, how much lean muscle you are going to increase in 30 days, how many inches you are going lose on your waistline in 30 days.
With the Spartan Metabolic Nutrition Plan we develop a plan that works for you and at the same time increases metabolism. And with that plan we give you in writing exactly what you are going eat and when you are going to eat and how much you are going to eat for the next 30 days.
   With the Spartan Metabolic Cardio Plan we include how much cardio as in how many minutes and how many days as well as what kind of cardio, as in where the heart rate must be and lastly when the cardio should be performed for the next 30 days.
   The Spartan Training System for personal training is the most complete metabolic training system ever designed for weight loss and optimal health. You will be trained 3 one hour sessions, that’s 3 metabolic training session per week. You will learn key factors in training your muscles correctly, how to use dynamic tension, how to hit the stretch positions, how to isolate the muscles and how to fully activate muscle fiber, how to make neurological connection to your muscles, all the things necessary to be effective in your training. These things are just simply not being taught by your everyday personal trainer. At Spartan Training we are the metabolic fitness experts with 20,000 hours of hands on metabolic personal training experience, and with a lifetime of exercising and metabolic experience.
 Our 2015 get lean in 30 days package is being offered today! Start your weight loss resolution for  $540.
Call today to get started 480-802-2222

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If you want to buy a new car...this is the place...I have never had such a great experience of buying a new car as I have had here at Berge. These people know what they are doing when it comes to sales and service.. You can trust Berge Ford and I haven't said that about any other car dealer I have ever dealt with.
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Very Dissappointed, two and one half hours of talking about subluxation. Im a personal trainer so I know what subluxation means. My neck was out of alignment pinching a nerve which caused muscle atrophy in my tricep because of loss of neuromuscular connection and my index finger was numb from the pinched nerve. I need an adjustment but instead I got two and one half hours of subluxation talk and asked a dozen times about where the pain was located. Then the last five minutes xrays. I got there at 1pm had to be back at work at 3pm. You would think that would be enough time especially with no one else there but me. But for me this was just a waste of time...I would not want to risk going back there and being drilled on subluxation for 2 hours ...still in pain...Thanks AFC
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have been going to Dr. Shaun Gardner for over five years...I was told by a dentists that all my teeth need to be removed...Dr Gardner didn't agree...that was five years ago and i still have my teeth:) Thanks to Dr. Gardner i can still smile...he is the best...
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As the owner of Spartan Training® I have at one time when John was first starting out, carried his product exclusively as the sports supplements recommended by Spartan Training for best results and quality. That recommendation remains, however having experienced a similar situation as the Bartman review below, I have had to drop the whey protein powder XP, because of inconsistant availability and lack of communication with adminstration and sales office. I wrote if off to "the company possibly just being overwhelmed with increased production for supply and demand". Plus the reality of time lost in production and shippment in order to maintain fulfillment of larger contracts. However the way in which an existing client is dropped can be a sensitive area and should be communicated to the client in an appropriate manner. I think somewhere along the way there was a communication break down and after that everyone just kinda of moved on. I still carry all of John's products except for the XP protein powder. John still has one of the highest quality lines of sports supplements available without a prescription on the market today.
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