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5 mile run at Hemlock Bluffs followed with beer and sushi at Wasabi. Nothing like raw octopus. Well, raw squid is kinda similar...
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Looks good. Sounds gross!
Peggy K
Yes Fred, it DOES sound gross!
I love seafood, but only crossed the line into sushi in the last year. The thought of raw fish wasn't appealing, but it's actually quite good!

On a side note, that little ball of green on the plate is wasabi - similar to horseradish. That little ball packs enough heat to power a medium sized city for a week!
Funny thing is, that we eat Tuna raw far more than we eat it cooked (right?), but we think of other raw fish as sushi. I love Sardines in many different way, including mashed up with seasoning and used to fill a sandwich. We're the same with the idea of eating insects, but Lobster and Shrimp are so much like Grasshoppers, it's obvious (right?). Well done for trying "new" things. As for seaweed, well that's just disgusting! ;-)
It ain't food unless it's deep fried... :-)
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