Non-public sharing on Google+ or
Why share as non-public at all or
How to gain exposure on Google+

I usually share all my posts as Public and Extended circles, because I... got used to it. I occasionally also add other circles ie. when posting about Google+ (I add my Google circle)... But apart from that I only share to my Save for later empty circle for those things that I'd like to mark as favourites.

What if you use Google+ as Facebook?

If you do use Google+ more or less like Facebook (mainly having duplex connections) then sharing with particular circles actually does make sense. Sharing with a particular circle will actually display your post on their stream, because they have you in their circles as well.

But as it turns out (as I read articles about Google+) people don't use Google+ as Facebook. Family connections usually tend to be that way anyway, but that's a small set of all the people, users circle.

What if you use Google+ as Google+?

In this case sharing as non-public doesn't make sense at all. Vast majority of users have a relatively small amount of people that circled them. And they may not necessarily follow them back.

I circled less than 150 people, and there are more than 2500 people who circled me. So how am I supposed to gain exposure and have more followers is a mystery to me. If I'd share a post with just one circle, that means that majority of 2500 people that actually circled me, won't see my post in the first place. If I share it publicly, everyone will see it and have at least a chance to engage into conversation with me.

The death of Incoming stream

Now that Incoming stream has also been removed all this makes even more sense. Share everything as public otherwise you'll be part of the blur that nobody knows about or even care. You'll be living in oblivion.

Judging by my own experience Incoming stream was one I actually did use untill I had less than 200 followers. I always believed that majority of people that circled me also share at least some of my interests with me. That means I could find people in my Incoming stream that I didn't know about but actually post stuff I may like.

But since I have so many now (mainly because I've been part of two publicly shared circles) it didn't make sense any more to check Incoming stream. but for a lot of people with small amount of followers Incoming could still be more than useful.

What about Extended circles?

If I share something to Extended circles, than people who can see my post are people that circled me, and also people in their circles if they accidentally stumble upon my post. So they will highly likely not see my post at all. If I'd rather share my post as Public at least everyone would be able to see it.

Let's make an example here

Let's take any celebrity on Google+ as an example. Take +Robert Scoble... Ok. He has a huge fan base. Whether all of those people are actually interested in his posts or not is a different question. He's in the recommended people list on Google+ and I suspect that there's a certain percentage of his followers who circled him just because of this fact alone.

Even though he circled a lot of people it's still less than 1.5% of how many they circled him. It really makes no sense for him to share his posts as non-public. +Robert Scoble you may of course comment whether you do share any posts as non-public and why. I'm interested I I think others would be too.

One more thing: sharing circles

There's one major feature on Google+ that can give you some exposure. And that's sharing circles. Whether you get valuable followers this way is a more questionable fact especially when shared circle has 500 users. I seriously doubt that anybody checked all 500 people what they post about or what their interest are.

But you do get exposed. I'm a living proof of that. I may just hope that majority of people that followed me are into tech and development stuff as I am.

So the problem?

The major problem is how does one grow his follower's count. Everybody says of course: by providing great content and providing it often. That is of course true, but unless you make a viral post that gets dozens or even hundreds of re-shares then you may as well be blowing in the wind.

Share this post at your own will, because I would like to get answers. How does one expose themselves?
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