Microsoft finally uses jQuery
…and an example of a nonsense Javascript code written by Microsoft

I haven't visited Microsoft's site for some time... Looking at it today I can see it being radically changed and redesigned to Metro UI used in Windows Phone 7 as well in the upcoming Windows 8... Looks nice and gives more on the front page.

Anyway. I just checked their client sources and it seems their page got significantly simplified and not uses jQuery 1.5.1 library. Not the latest, but still nice to see...

They used to use their own spaghetti libraries that were obfuscated by design. :) Too much unreadable code that nobody wants to use/maintain. I once got across this strange fellow in one of their scripts (running in Sharepoint 2010 btw):


function ULSTYE() {
var o = new Object;
o.ULSTeamName = "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation";
o.ULSFileName = "SP.UI.Dialog.debug.js";

return o;

SP.UI.$create_DialogOptions = function() {
ULSTYE:; ←——————————————— WTF?
return new SP.UI.DialogOptions();

Can you understand what it does? I wasn't sure either so I wanted to clarify it a bit. Turns out it's plain stupidity. But if it's meant to distract a developer it surely does wonders. Many wouldn't touch it thinking this might be God's code. ;)
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