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Enable Google Chrome Smooth Scrolling

Finally! I tripped over this accidentally when looking at chrome://flags/ page. Until now I found it really annoying that scrolling was jumping instead of smoothly scrolling with animation, so you never loose track of content you're looking at... Firefox has had this for versions...

The good news is smooth scrolling is now supported. I don't know which version brought this to us, but in the latest Chrome version 17 it is. All you have to do is to enable it:

1. Open a new tab and enter address chrome://flags/
2. Find Smooth Scrolling flag.
3. Click Enable
4. Restart Chrome browser...

Voila. Happy scrolling everyone.

April 2014 update (version 34)

Unfortunately Google removed this gem from Chrome for Windows. Flag now states that it's only available for Linux platform. Hopefully they'll re-implement it again in the near future and maybe even with better experience as it was.

For now it seems we're stuck with Chrome plugins for the same. I've been personally using Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller plugin as suggested by several commenters below and I've been rather satisfied with it. It seems to just work.
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Thanks so much this needs to be added to chrome.
Like all hidden, cool Chrome features, expect the developers to take it out for no reason by the end of the year.
R.I.P. Side Tabs.
I wondered why I would ever want this, using Chrome in OS X on my Air; I don't know how scrolling could get any smoother. The option apparently isn't available on my platform anyway, according to my chrome://flags.
Martin that plugin rocks thanks for the link!
+Martin Ankerl I can confirm that in my case smooth scrolling also works using mouse wheel. What other means do people use for scrolling anyways? I thought 95% of scrolling is done using a mouse wheel.
Still not smooth as Firefox. And I mean viewing a long page, replying inside GMail's textarea and in Chrome's "Firebug" Elements tab. It's a pain when it scrolls a dozen lines when you just want the next line. But it's better than nothing.
+Rodrigo Saling I know it's not as smooth as Firefox, but much better than jumping... As you said: better than nothing. I can't do anything but agree on that.
+Miklavz Grmek The main problem that I have with Firefox is that freezing that white-fades the browser and keeps it that way for... uhm... half a minute? Maybe less but it feels like eternity. Long enough for me to switch to Chrome actually.
+Robert Koritnik I believe that some day the scrolling will be great, because, f***, they are the Google! :-P
And btw, I uninstalled the Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller extension to use the "hidden" functionality. Thanks for the great tip!
+Miklavz Grmek Yes! Flash also hangs in Chrome for me... But it isn't as much of an issue as is that freezing. Remind me to show you the effect when we meet and I have my notebook with me (with sufficiently filled-up battery of course). :)
Hm. It's cool that this is in there, but the actual execution is clunky. It feels really unresponsive. I also tried the Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller, and found the default settings to be a little too fancy. I'm sure that it works great if you adjust it. My favorite extension, though, is SmoothScroll. You can tweak the settings, but the defaults are just perfect for me. I love it.
A lot of scrolling is done with trackpads where you would expect smooth exact movements that correspond to scrolling with your fingers. Unfortunately, only OS X nails that, with smooth scrolling + two finger scrolling on Linux being a rough approximation.
+Justin Force I found this post because something got messed up in my copy of Chrome, Smoothscroll got disabled, and now I can't reinstall it from the web store or anywhere else...!?!?!

The Experimental Feature doesn't work with middle-mouse scrolling or Autoscroll, and CWSS doesn't work with Autoscroll.  Smoothscroll is the only one that actually fixes the problem completely, and now it's gone :/  Bad times in Chrome land.
+Carl Gehrman Dammit. He's pulled it from the Web Store before. He didn't say why. Looks like he pulled it again. That sucks. I'll see if I can get in touch with him. I'd be happy to take over the project.
It's MIT license, so I can just fork it. I'll try to assemble a working extension and publish it soon, and I'll comment on this thread when I do. :)
no effect at all :( just same as before...
Thanks +Justin Force , I really miss Firefox's smooth scrolling, specially with the two finger gestures on my trackpad.
Great to see some enthusiasm for the project! Suggestions for a name? I'm leaning toward Smooth Scrollerator. I'm switching jobs so my time is limited at the moment. I'll try to spend some time on it this weekend.
Tom Ta
Just tried this, makes no difference to me.  Or, the difference is so minor, I can't even tell.  I'm using it on a Dell L702x laptop with mouse pad.

I would love to see something as smooth as the Macs.  One thing I love about the Macs is the smooth scrolling, but that's not enough to make me switch.
Here it doesn't work when scrolling with the mouse wheel, it's still jumping the same way it was before enabling. It works just when using the keyboard arows, but that's useless for me.
+Igor Petrovic It seems we'll have to wait another version or so. Considering the speed that Google has with Chrome, we won't have to wait for too long though...
+Justin Force , I installed Chrome Canary and smooth scrolling is enabled again, after enabling it in the "about:flags" menu! So it's something that'll probably work again. Canary is version 22, Chrome was updated to 20 today (with smooth scrolling still not working).
+Tiago Gonçalves Smooth Scrolling is of course something that should/is/will work in Chrome. Otherwise there wouldn't be a flag for it. They broke it in the meantime, but they progress fast so I'm not installing any plugins because I know it'll work again. It is of course a more important question how well it will work. Speed and amount of scrolling are very important factors here to make it or break it.
Yeah, it doesn't. What the hell?
If you read the rest of the comments, you'll see why.
Just to let everyone know that in Chrome's latest update (v21) the Smooth Scrolling flag works again!
Tom Ta
When is v21 rolling out so we can try this out?
It's already out, click the wrench icon and go to "About Google Chrome".
Thanks.  I began to find the extension I was using to be unfavorable.  This flag enables a pretty good compromise.  I wish Chrome just had some options for smooth scrolling that consistently worked well.

I had to prompt Chrome to update before the flag would work, which is found under the wrench icon, About Google Chrome. (Win 7 64)
Tom Ta
Now, you just have to make it easy for the non-hacker to enable!
+Tom Ta Or enable it by default, because the 80/20 rule would almost certainly show that smooth scrolling is favoured by 80% of users. Simply because it's better user experience.
+Robert Koritnik It's amazing to see a web page struggling to smoothly scroll, or a browser that doesn't smoothly scroll by default, on a computer that can run fancy polygon video game engines; not that I necessarily know enough about the inner workings of these things to legit-ly criticize.

I see the options on the flags page for using the GPU for various things, but I remember seeing Twitter's page struggling to scroll on an Atom dual-core.  So, I wouldn't want to radically see most common things differently than an average consumer for various reasons.
+Christopher T. Calhoun indeed i also find this ridiculous.. why is my netbook (with an AMD 6290 GPU) brought down to its knees by an internet browser trying to scroll through google plus?! are webpages more computationally intensively than 3D games?!

i suspect that, with today's insanely powerful computers, programmers and developers have become lazy. instead of relying on optimizing code for efficiency, they rely on the brute power of today's computers
+Calvin Lai Come on; that's just silly. A web browser is an insanely complicated piece of software used to solve lots of different problems, as opposed to a game which does one thing, and really just has to make sure that one thing is smooth. Browser engineers try to ensure that EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME is smooth. It's a much harder problem. Check out the Chromium source. It's enormous. 5.4M lines of code. V8 is almost a million. It's incredibly difficult to solve general problems.
+Calvin Lai I don't think such pages are necessarily the browsers.  I'll just say that -- not that I personally can script much of anything from scratch.
It's great that they added this! However I still feel Firefox has much better smooth scrolling, hopefully the Chrome team can keep improving on this!
Try my extension (linked above) for smooth scrolling in Chrome today. :)
+Alan Antekeier that's true but like with all things Google this will likely improve over time. It's been on and off for the last few versions anyway. And whenever it's working it's still a much better experience than not having it at all.
This is great! Thanks so much for posting :)
I am still having issues with pages freezing and having to reload 2-4 times before scrolling will work.  Any suggestions?
You guys should keep in mind that it's just a prototype option that is available. Don't expect anything perfect.. =P
It may still be in experimental state but it performs undeniably better than on most top notch browsers today, it doesn't freeze or glitch on more demanding sites even though it's still a prototype. Great job, Google!
That's right, I totally agree!
I did it and now my facebook is acting up
Note: It's beta. Don't complaint about bugs, etc. Some websites with fixed toolbars and menu's could act weird. This is what I've acknowledged from Chrome, I'm browsing on Windows 7.
I am also getting these notifications it is so annoying. I think when this
email notifies you via Google, you can select mute all option. I will also
try that now!
Hope that helps!

Jesse Roberts
Auckland, New Zealand

Sent from my iPhone
+Cory Williams & +Jesse Roberts : You should open settings and uncheck email notifications about Comments on a post after I comment on it. Or if you just want to mute this post but want to be notified about other postst, mute this one...
That's cool ! We should have it in the settings page !
That's VERY helpful. I've been sending hundreds of complaints to Google about this. Though that's quite extreme, of course.
Yes, thank you! It's still not great, but let's just hope that the developers fix it soon.
+Niayesh Isky I don't think it will change much, because this has been around for a very long time now and although it did change abit, there was no revolution. The good point is of course that it still is much improved to the non-smooth scrolling experience.
I wonder why this hasn't been approved yet. It's so clearly better than jerky step-scrolling.
Hey thank for that hint but it not making much difference!! I was expecting this would improve the nice scrollin of Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller extension... Im on W7 bay the way.
That is right it no makes really difference. I had to install wheel smoth scroller too :(
Very cool! Thanks for that. I found that enabling this on Chrome under Gentoo Linux, I also needed to set "Threaded Compositing" to 'Enabled' instead of 'Default'; much smoother now.
This Fixed It ... after I turned off the broken Logitech Scrolling ext. as well. Prior to this, my calendar scrolling was jumping 3mo at a time.
it may be 'smooth', but it's not really fixing the issue I have.  I want to be able to scroll per pixel - it makes it way easier to follow text before/after scrolls.  all this does is creates an animation between successive increments, the scrolling is still discrete.
+Timothy Gray I agree it's not as smooth as in other browsers (FF namely) but it's still much better than nothing. 
Try this too ... just found it when poking around.

Threaded compositing Mac, Windows, Linux
Uses a secondary thread to perform web page compositing. This allows smooth scrolling, even when the main thread is unresponsive.

I set it from Default to Enabled.
Well I enabled it an I think it's even worse.  Somewhat smoother, but it's a different kind of smooth scrolling.  I wish Google would just integrate smooth scrolling already.  All the other browsers have them, even IE, but not Chrome.
+Robert Koritnik I have a laptop so I'm using a scrolling feature on my trackpad,  Most new laptops have whether you know it or not.   
Awesome ! this makes browsing long pages less annoying on Chrome 
I don't know how old this is .. but it's about $#%@ing time. How is that not built in from the beginning?
+JOE VELEZ This has been available for a long time. At least for a year and a half. Maybe even longer. It's just that it's off by default and not part of usual user-accessible options as it doesn't seem to be completely polished and doesn't work everywhere (Gmail for instance isn't smooth)... But it was there a long time.
Thank you so MUCH for the help!, I was annoyed by the scroll, but now it's great!
আপনাকে এক গুচ্ছ লাল গোলাপের শুভেচ্ছা ।
Vikas V
Thank you so much.
Now to find out how to 'open a new tab'
Sergei I wouldn't know about that. Maybe it's already out of the box on OSX?
Human A
perfect solution, thank you
here is the shorter link:
Human A
Yeah I agree, it's not as smooth as FF though
+Hooman Askari I agree. It's also working differently when using keyboard compared to scroll wheel. Maybe that's the reason why it's not enabled by default.
But on the bright side it's still much much better than not having it in the first place. I'm sure you agree.
Human A
+Robert Koritnik I sure do agree with you
Chrome is a very good browser, I like the way it responds, the way it saves some RAM for other task on the OS, I love the speed, BUT, it's details like these that makes the difference between good, great and perfect, although there is no such thing as 100% in the universe (quote from Steven Hawking).
Did not work for my macbook pro 13". 
+Rollin' Coal. Agree 100%. But in all this time they could've improved it immensely... 
Still not very good but definitely better than the very awful it has been. If it was only as smooth as using the up/down arrows.
When I replied above, my thoughts were also "not working" but it is working a little bit. It went from horrid to being very bad. It's not a fix. It's not even remotely as close to the scrolling using the up and down arrows vs the wheel but it is better, for me, than it was before - even if not much better. I'll take what I can get at this point.

My scrolling problem has not always been here. This is recent for me. I have tried various mice and they all bounce. This is only an issue in Chrome for me which makes me doubt anything external is doing it. I have tried unloading any plugins, defragging what won't empty from the cache with a disk defragmenter, and even attempting to move the Chrome cache to a different drive. This came a while ago back and looks like it is here to stay. But back to the point... this does help some but it does not fix it. It didn't give me smooth as glass or even smooth but it did slow down the bounce some. So I +1 it for that alone.
BUG STATUS: CRITICAL! This extension has caused me lots of troubles with viewing the content eg. or (try to visit those pages with and without the extension)! This is just not there yet - it's not ready for production.
Although it is great, that there exists such option, it still sucks balls and is aeons behind Firefox.
much better than not having it at all, long way to go.
you the man brooo !
Haha, this feature is there pretty long actually, but yeah! Still not as in FF, but at least something.
Colin Kenworthy

The only page the scroll bar works on is this page. I tried Robert's trick, but the flag,  'Enable Smooth Scrolling' only refers to Windows and Linux and I have Mountain Lion . 
I'd be glad of other suggestions for overcoming the problem, because I need ti to work with my mouse. 
It is such a nice wide clear scroll bar .
As it is, If I want to move around on the screen I revert to Firefox and Safari.
cannot even bloody find it! mine was fine until last week??
Thank you so much! That choppy scrolling was soooo annoying!!
You are such an angel! It worked. Thanks. 
Lists that option as only available for linux in version 34.
"Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform."
Platform: Windows 7
Too bad it's only available on Linux, hope I can get this soon - that little thing is the only detail that makes me want to use mozilla sometimes ^^
This has now been discontinued on Windows platform. Hopefully it'll get included back to how it was. In some way. Hopefully better way than it was.
Still there on my Windows 8.1 PC and seems to be working very nicely.
+Martin Williams Which version of Chrome do you have installed and is that the full screen version display or the desktop one?
Just updated to Chrome 34.0.1847.131 m and suddenly the scrolling is smooth!
+Larry York Still choppy for me, same version. What OS are you using?
+Larry York I'm on Windows 8.1 Pro Update. Maybe the two OSes got different versions of 34.0.1847.131 m.
I'm also on Windows 8.1 update 1 and it says it's not supported on my platform. 
Unfortunately, it's not available for anymore :( I hope they come with something better
Sonofa...! My PC bluescreened and after the reboot scrolling is back to the worthless jumpy crap. Such a basic function. It's infuriating that Google f'ed it up.
Version 34.0.1847.137 m
Windows 7

"Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform." I hope they bring back the option soon, what reason could they have for disabling it?
"Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform." mac...
It's apparently been removed from everywhere except Linux. Hopefully to get fully integrated into the browser (without turning on flags).
I was pleased to see there is a solution for this but unfortunately it does not work. Scrolling in chrome sill disturbingly fast for some reason :(
Not available on the Canary Chrome 64bit for Windows 8. Is only for Linux.
Thanks to Paul Ngo for the link to a smooth scrolling extension.
"Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform."
I'm dumping chrome because of this. This is like a really nice new chair with a spring that jabs you in the back and rips your clothes every time you sit in it. 
Can't even find it. Thanks for nothing.

I installed smooth scroll (the adware-free version) instead. ;)
does not work in windows, in mine it says that it is for linux. 
yep not for windows -.-
Mine's not available - and by the way - it's LOSE not LOOSE - "never loose track"
Jake G
CHROME, PLEASE ADD THIS for Windows now. 
Jake G
Firefox might have to beat you in my favorites. 
This feature is not enabled in Chrome
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