Enable Google Chrome Smooth Scrolling

Finally! I tripped over this accidentally when looking at chrome://flags/ page. Until now I found it really annoying that scrolling was jumping instead of smoothly scrolling with animation, so you never loose track of content you're looking at... Firefox has had this for versions...

The good news is smooth scrolling is now supported. I don't know which version brought this to us, but in the latest Chrome version 17 it is. All you have to do is to enable it:

1. Open a new tab and enter address chrome://flags/
2. Find Smooth Scrolling flag.
3. Click Enable
4. Restart Chrome browser...

Voila. Happy scrolling everyone.

April 2014 update (version 34)

Unfortunately Google removed this gem from Chrome for Windows. Flag now states that it's only available for Linux platform. Hopefully they'll re-implement it again in the near future and maybe even with better experience as it was.

For now it seems we're stuck with Chrome plugins for the same. I've been personally using Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller plugin as suggested by several commenters below and I've been rather satisfied with it. It seems to just work.
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