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AngularJS blog post explaining how to bind shared view to various controllers that use ControllerType as instanceName syntax but use different instance names.
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Thought Plan looks really useful. Simple and effective. Period.

I used to use Google Notebook until it was discontinued. Then I switched to Google Docs until something else came around. So I switched to Google Keep when it came around but I'm still waiting for a few features to be implemented to make it even more usable. Of all three I mostly liked the first. Because it offered what I actually needed.

But this tool looks even better because it's made exactly for the things I used Google Notebook in the first place. Business ideas. And it seems to deliver all this in a nice looking and simple to use package without the bells and whistles and complexities that distract us from executing those ideas in the first place.

This actually seems I could benefit from using.

An additional accompanying mobile app would be even more beneficial because ideas pop into our heads when we're away from daily chores work behind the computer.

#ThoughtPlan   #BusinessIdeas #Tools
Thought Plan: A minimalistic tool for planning projects, organizing your thoughts and storing simple documents. Powered by markdown.
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Something's wrong with Scottish independence

If it turns out that Scotland won't become independent it would only mean that they started referendum with the wrong reason - money/greed.

Claiming independence is done when a nation is being suppressed. When can't be fully free. In Scotland I think that wasn't the case. Scottish independence proponents knew very well that Scotland could be financially better off on its own because they have oil. That's true, but greed alone regardless how they pack it for the general public is the wrong reason to seek independence.

Independence referendums are won with a vast majority being pro. Independence referendums aren't supposed to be won by almost a tie...

Something isn't right in Scottish independence if they barely win or loose it. 
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And it did turn out that way...
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Complex Web apps == complex stylesheets?

Not necessarily if you put enough attention to semantics of your content. Here's how they're trying to make their life better at

#CSS #development
Some notes on Medium’s CSS, the steps we’ve taken to get it to where it is, and the world we live in today.
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Simplifying method parameter checking

Parameter null value checking code is something we frequently write at the beginning of method body to avoid null reference runtime exceptions.

Many developers tried simplifying this process using different techniques but the one I'm going to show here is a bit different.

#VisualStudio #CodeSnippets
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Just amazing what guys at stackoverflow are doing with 25 servers only.
Because they're doing it great! 
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No no no NO NOOOOO!!!

This is what can happen and I'm one of the affected clients! Hopefully I'll get my repos backups. I don't care too much about history as long as I can regain my long developed projects.
Nightmare Cyber Attack -- Hackers destroy 'Code Spaces' Hosting Service and Put them Out of Business forever. -
DDoS attack and Amazon Web Service account (AWS) hacks On Code Spaces Put Hosting Service Out of Business.
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Switch your hosting to Williams Web Solutions.
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Have him in circles
4,826 people
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Robert Koritnik

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Data binding a single shared view to different controllers using "controller as name" syntax
If you haven't already I strongly suggest you first read John Papa's AngularJS styleguide . It's a magnificent document of an evolving set of AngularJS development best practices. Among them there's also one that says to abolish $scope use and rather provid...
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Robert Koritnik

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Google+ now supports polls

Previously we had to do it in some sort of hackish way:
1. Write your post
2. Provide poll answers as comments
3. Lock comments

And people were able to +1 comments that they liked best. And that's how polls used to work. Up until now.

Recent Google's purchase bears fruit already. And it's polls in G+. Now all you have to do is click Poll icon when creating your post and a new form will display below content where you'll be able to add your poll options and an optional image to make it pop (as images make posts stand out).

Happy times folks!
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I like polls
I hate polls
I couldn't care less
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+John Robinson what do you mean? 
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Robert Koritnik

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Full stack .net web developers wanted

Awesomi is part of the Start-Up Chile program developing a knowledge sharing platform. See description below and apply ASAP to prevent disappointment.
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Robert Koritnik

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When and how to use $scope.$apply?

I'm currently building an AngularJS application and so far I've never needed to actually execute $scope.$apply as I've always found a better way of doing the same thing making things more proper.

But this time I won't be able to tell Angular that my model has changed without actually calling the $apply function. 

So I started reading about it a bit and found out that this article really nicely summes it all up. A very nice read indeed.
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Windows XP updates until 2019? No problem!

Microsoft apparently built an OS for POS machines based on Windows XP service pack 3.The best thing about this system is that it's supported until 2019. So if you have hard time parting from your abandoned OS, here's your chance to keep it churning for me next 5 more years. 
It has been over a month since Microsoft officially killed support for Windows XP. One of the most popular iteration of its Windows operating...
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A Akal
Does XP have hair?
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Have him in circles
4,826 people
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Web development specialist
Basic Information
Software engineer, web developer, tech enthusiast, father
I'm a software development engineer and contractor mostly developing web applications on Microsoft platform.

Some suggested circles you can put me in:
• Web developers
• jQuery/Javascript
• Database/SQL Server developers
• Technology enthusiasts
• Geeks
• Slovenia

I'm a contractor by nature and I'm interested in working in any EU country. I fit nicely in an agile team environment especially working on greenfield projects.
  • University of Ljubljana
    Computer and Information sciences
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UI-Router: Why many developers don't use AngularJS's built-in router - F...

AngularJS is an amazing JavaScript framework for building rich client-side applications but the truth is many developers don’t use the built

Jadranje ob Indijskem oceanu. Wilderness - JAR.

„Šefe, rabil bi prost vikend, bi šlo?″ To je bila prošnja Manuju za katerega sem v Cape Townu - JAR, opravljal tandemske polete. Odvrnil je:

Letošnja jesen je SUPer za SUPanje

Zadnja dva vikenda sem izkoristil za sprehode na vodi. Vreme je bilo idealno za tovrstno početje. Plaža ni bila ravno polna. Testiral novo p

Dopusta je konec

Dopust je za mano in sedaj spet veselo na delo. Še pred tem pa kakšno sliko z dopusta. Kot sem že napisal je bi to dopust, tako da tudi slik

Najemi SUP

To bo ena od mojih naslednjih lokacij za sprehod po vodi. Naš dolenjski biser reka Krka.

Tako se je začela moja avantura.

Klemen: "Špela, kje si? ... Čez eno uro!" Jaz: "Ne, oprosti sem v gozdu z otročki, kava drugič!" Klemen: "Ma kakšna kava! Letet gremo, razme

80/365 Čas zame

Čas zame... Čas samo zame? Pred nekaj leti sem imela ves čas na tem svet samo zame... Bila sem še sama, takrat še brez družine, brez otrok,

365 dni - 71. simetrija

#365dni #simetrija #symmetry 71/365 simetrija obraza ...že dolgo sem želela preveriti kolikšna je simetrija mojega obraza :)) pa še moža sem

68/365 Muza

Če je Tavelika Zajčica "razum" in če je Tadruga Zajčica "čustvo" kaj je potem Tamala Zajčica? To vprašanje me že dolgo spremlja... In včasih

365 dni - 62. gor

#365dni #gor #up 62/365 samo da pleza nekam gor pa je zadovoljna Najprej sem imela pripravljeno fotko stopnišča, po katerem se dnevno vzpenj

365 dni - 65. dar

#365dni #dar #gift 65/365 življenje je dar Saj mnogo stvari lahko kupimo in podarimo. To je dar. Mnogo stvari nam je podarjenih od drugih lj

365 dni - 48. tam

#365dni #tam #there 48/365 tam... asociacija na pesem v mojem narečju .... Zraven stoji hiša. Par hiš je silos. Na travnk je žaga. Zravn žag

57/365 Ponovitev

Kadar se Zajčkova družinica skupaj odpravi iz Zajčkove hišice, v svet, med ljudi,... Se vedno, ampakr prav res vedno najde kdo, ki vzklikne:

365 dni - 51. varen

#365dni #varen #safe 51/365 varen je mamin objem ... ki vedno potolaži, pomiri :)

38/365 Drugačen - 2. del

Oni dan je bila beseda "drugačen". Ni bil moj dan; slabo počutje, slabo vreme, luna, ki je vplivala na otroke, ali kaj... Za silo sem poiska

25/365 Jutro

Današnje jutro, je bilo v primerjavi s prejšnjo soboto nekaj povsem drugega. Nisem mogla verjeti, koliko je odbila ura, ko je mali Zajček po

Sprehod skozi mesto

Oni dan sva se z Najmlajšim Zajčkom odpravila peš v mlin po moko. Bilo je mrzlo, kaj mrzlo, ledeno dopoldne in mesto se je šele prebujalo v

36/365 Manipulacija

Prepričujejo nas, da bi kupili česar ne potrebujemo, dajejo nam verjeti, da je vse napol zastonj, za "nagrado" dajo še izdelek zastonj... Na

Web Essentials markdown preview default style for Visual Studio - Errati...

The other day I wanted to write a markdown file that's part of my Visual Studio 2013 project. As majority of you have done I've also install

Chromium Blog: Portable Native Client: The "pinnacle" of speed, security...

Native Client (NaCl) brings the performance and low-level control of native code to modern web browsers, without sacrificing the security be