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Robert Kopacz
Eternity is in love with the creations of time -- William Blake
Eternity is in love with the creations of time -- William Blake

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Had a strange request from a client. They want the user name and password for user 1, while the site is still under development (review versions are available to them on a staging server). Anybody ever get such a request? Seems inappropriate to me.

I've been building sites exclusively in Drupal 8 in 2016. Overall, the experience has been a good one. Huge improvements in site building and performance over D7. However, a year in, there are some things I am still missing from Drupal 7, which are still not ready in 8.

Perhaps the biggest one is the Date API. Things like end dates, repeating dates, the ability to format the date style in date fields, granularity, views integration (filters, contextual filters). All of these could have come in handy in one way or another, but it seems the contrib modules for most of those features are a long way off from being ready for production.

The other thing I miss is the number of actions from views bulk operations, particularly "modify entity values" operation. As you all may know, not all the actions from VBO made it into core, and Modify Entity Values was one I used frequently in 7, particularly for administrative views.

Anyone else have an 8 wish list? Anyone know of any contrib modules for 8 that are providing these features? Sometimes a new module can race by you but you don't even notice it.

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Warm accolades for a good friend, Maestro Robert Butts.

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A great concert by our fave Maestro, +Robert Butts 

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If you live in the Morris County area of New Jersey, and are a classical music fan, you need to get to this concert. Tickets are still available.

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Freelancers are now a force to be reckoned with. 

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Have you noticed that current members of Congress never mention the horrendous explosion in the nation’s debt?

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I have a general question about a problem I'm having with one client, would love to hear some feedback.

I have a VPS on which I host a small business client, for a fee. They are my only Drupal 6 holdout. They claim not to have the money to upgrade, even though I have made them very attractive proposals to do so. The hosting is set to expire at the end of the year.

Am I running a risk by having an unsupported instance of D6 on my VPS? I understand that there is always some risk. At the same time, D6 has so been through the ringer, it's hard to imagine that the risk at this stage is large. My initial iinstinct is to terminate the hosting. Terminating the hosting will also terminate the relationship with this client, so I'm weighing that in as well.

Any body else out there facing this? If so, how did you resolve it?
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