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What's your review? Would the place be worth going an hour out of my way on some upcoming trip? With kids?
+David Saff well there are some outstanding things there. I saw both a running PDP-8 AND PDP-11, not to mention some Commodore-64 hacks, some original IBM PCs and a whole host of other stuff. And that's not even the standard museum (with a Univac.) There's also a Museum of Radio of Technology and a Shipwreck museum. There are some video game opportunities, like an Atari 2600, Kings Quest III, the classic Startrek game (written in BASIC).

I personally had more fun than I really ever expected. Did I mention the Apollo Guidance Computer?
Also, Zork I, and a suite of Infocom games (Leather Goddesses of Phobos, anybody?)
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