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Someone people were asking about the 7-minute workout and what it actually entailed. Perform each of the 12 exercises in rapid succession with about a 5-6 second rest in-between.
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A cool chess variant I stumbled upon. I'd love to make this kind of chess board setup some day.
Dragonchess. Dragonchess was invented by Gary Gygax and published in Dragon Magazine #100, August 1985. Gary Gygax is probably best known as the inventor of the most well known role playing game (Adva...
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This is cool, but I need games with fewer rules, like Go, not more.
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Watch seven geeks (including myself) have a showdown in the card game Bang! Presented by +Tech Geek Gamers.
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If you've been holding off trying #DayZ  because of the cost of entry (purchasing ArmA II for $30), you'll want to know that its 20% off at Steam for their yearly Summer Sale.
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It's 40% off now!
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Consider yourself a gamer? A nice (brief) trip down memory lane.

A Brief History of Video Games
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Decided to give this a try. TomatoUSB Shibby mod firmware is what I used to create the guest wireless and throttle its bandwidth. I'll monitor its use and see how it goes!
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very cool idea.
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It's about time!
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Check out this Video Game Archive and the person who maintains it.
After watching this video, a lot of you are going to wish you were Dave Carter, who works at the University of Michigan's Computer and Video Game Archive. He deals with video games, from the oldest ha...
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TableTop showcases the Fiasco! role-playing game.
Today's TableTop is up on YouTube now: Fiasco! with Bonnie Burton, John Rogers, and Alison Haislip!
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A blog post on the comeback of tabletop RPGs and its increasing acceptance as a mainstream hobby. Check it out at Tech Geek Gamers:
An analysis of the return to popularity of tabletop role-playing games.
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Can anyone recommend any good 70s Kung Fu movies? I'm starting with a bunch of Bruce Lee ones, but I'm curious what else is out there.
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Miss adventure games? Download one of these free re-makes of a classic. It's been so long since I've played King's Quest that it almost felt like a new game to me.
Download AGD Interactive's adventure game remakes of classic Sierra On-Line titles.
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