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Yesterday 47 years ago MLK was killed, and RFK delivered what may well be the greatest, most moving impromptu speech ever. I don't really know how he could possibly prepare for such a difficult speech (the audience, mostly black, hadn't heard the news yet) in just 30 minutes. Yet it easily ranks among the very best speeches ever given. Simply amazing.

Bill Gates: Don't tax my income, tax my consumption - sounds good to me!

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flying butterflies
The German company Festo has produced some amazing flying robots, and their butterflies are the latest example of beautiful motion.  (If you like this you'll love their 2012 bird,

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code jam registration now open!
Google Code Jam 2015

We’re halfway through #CodeJam2015 registration with just about two weeks left before the Qualification Round kicks off on April 10th @19:00 UTC. If you love coding or want a fun way to improve your skills and have a chance at winning $15k USD and a trip to Seattle, WA register now at:

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Will anything supersede twitter as the place to follow people? Interested to see how they prevent bias toward early adopters & how to prevent stagnation. They should make it easier to unfollow people IMO (or remove noise somehow)
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