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Robert Hughey

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Thank you for the invitation to this community. I look forward to seeing what is shared and discussed here.  :)
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Robert Hughey

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This Is Why We Must Become Someone We’d Love To Meet

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Indeed +Robert Hughey indeed 
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How I feel on certain days.
...on the good days, which are usually the ones when I remember how blessed and fortunate I am in so many ways: health, home, family, friends, life in general. Sometimes I get bogged down in worrying about what fate has in store for me, and I think we all do that, but then I remember how balanced and interesting it's been so far, so perhaps the "rest of it" will probably follow or improve on that scheme.
And then I start to glow a bit more in gratitude of it All.
"Thanks Universe for the Life. It's interesting."
#Love   #Gratitude   #Appreciation   #Life   #Muse   #Today  
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Welcome to the school of hardknock's planet earth!! Its a hardknock life for starseeds robert
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Robert Hughey

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How interesting. 
Recently, I became open to the realities of BDSM for the purpose of raising the threshold of what the perception of pleasure can become. well as for the energetic/tantric stimulation I'm most interested in...

And then here is an invitation to join a community dedicated to really the only kind of BDSM I'm interested in - that which is sensual in execution and effect. thrilling for me. Thanks.
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Welcome +Robert Hughey nice message.
You will enjoy of wonderful people...
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Robert Hughey

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Manifestation of a New Earth Reality Begins
Manifestation... Part of the Process of Creation... The Creation - of a new world? Of a new humanity? of a new ME? The time has come (for your life to begin) ...real life.  ...even better than you've dreamed   ...better than anyone could deserve. Manifestat...
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I use this picture because I like it. Nothing more, nothing less. I think it portrays me very well. Yours does the same at portraying you as well.
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Robert Hughey

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Respecting the Absolute Truth
...of the whole amazingly diverse Universe around us. 
This is a post about my Absolute Truths, particularly focused about the importance of understanding and respecting other different, opposing or irrelevant opinions as being the Truth for others. 
In short, I want to clearly state I think there's room for every single being in the world to have their own specific idea of "reality," and I think the Universe (what I call "God") is quite pleased with the expansion of such an idea.

Deep Waters ahead. Read more at the link below.

#Universe   #God   #Spirit   #Truth   #Absolute   #False   #Reality   #World  #Earth #Galaxy #Expansion   #Idea  #Opinion #creation #origin #original #Enlightenment   #Awakening   #Epiphany  
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Robert Hughey

commented on a video on YouTube.
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First off, this is a beautiful, vulnerable and surprisingly professional sounding cover of this song by a talented young vocal artist.
I really needed the words of this song today.
With all the "winds of change" going on in the world, it's nice to remember "just close your eyes, you'll be alright, come morning light, you and I will be safe and sound." #Music   #HungerGames  #Safe #Change #Today   #Help  
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Robert Hughey

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Thank you so much for the invite.
I look forward to learning about others on their own unique path, and I certainly shall enjoy sharing my own particular journey. It's been a wild and beautiful ride so far, and I have it from a good source that what I've experienced is only The Beginning. 
...and that makes me smile.
Often.  :)
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Hi +Robert Hughey, welcome to the group! Adam and I are very happy to have you here and we are looking forward to hear your insights on anything you are fascinated with. Be active and explore. ;)
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Robert Hughey

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Robert Hughey

Expand Your Mind  - 
Ascended Master in Human Form

I met one of my guides and Ascended Masters last night, yes within his human form. I then proceeded to have an exceptional multidimensional meeting that expanded my awareness in amazing ways and helped me to learn/remember an understanding on some very important concepts.
Also, I was an Apprentice with much less fear inside after parting ways than I was when I first walked in the door. #PowerofLove  

Full Story through link below to my blog.

#Spirituality  #Ascension #AscendedMaster  #SaintJoseph   #Joseph   #Awakening   #Dimensions   #Shifts   #Paradigm   #Humanity  #Evolution #Consciousness  #NewAge  
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Spiritual Ascension. The Awakening. Remembering my Mastery as I experience human physical ascension as a 5D Anchor. Archangeloi of the Elohi

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I kind of fell in love with the decor as soon as I walked in. The food, well, it's potentially amazing. I personally was handed a bloody bit of beef when I prefer my cow cooked all the way through, so I can't give it a perfect food rating, but my friends were smack talking and smiling as they smacked their way through their dinner. It was a great time. Only snafu was our server kept telling us that apperently she couldn't get "out of the weeds," which I know first-hand means a state of overwhelm and dread, right? Or maybe she was just really busy or something. And that's an awful feeling, but you know what? My friends kept saying "She had too much weed!" to the tables around her each of the four times she exclaimed something about "the Weeds!" when she saw my empty glass, again. Ah well, any other time or table even: I suspect a flawless execution. I'll be back soon to try again. It's worth it.
• • •
Food: Very goodDecor: ExcellentService: Good
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I have been eating at La Hacienda in Americus for many years. Even though I moved to Atlanta a year ago, I have still made a point of always trying to convince my family to come eat here when I'm visiting the area again. It doesn't usually take very much to convince them. The food is delicious, if perhaps pretty standard Mexican-American fusion, and the service is usually with a smile. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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3 reviews
Superior knowledge, service and attitude. Highly recommended!
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reviewed a year ago