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All your science belongs to me
All your science belongs to me

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Arguing Ricardo's law of association with Trump folk who want to "get back at those other countries who are screwing us with Tariffs" is exhausting.

I like to break it down to brass tacks. The surgeon has great dexterity. I bet he could grow plants and knit sweaters better than anyone. What need has he for clothiers and farmers?

We don't specialize because we can't do for ourselves - we specialize because we can do EVEN BETTER by doing what we do best and trading. The process holds whether individually or as countries (though the reason it's even meaningful to talk about country levels is because of artificial restrictions on the movement of people and stuff - but given a world of countries, the case holds).

But somehow people are stuck in arguments of fairness of tariffs and tit-for-tat and trade deficits, as if shooting our residents in the foot (taxing them on foreign goods they buy) is somehow sticking it to the foreign folks. :/ 

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If this pans out (I don't think it does in every country and every latitude), this is probably the biggest news in my freaking lifetime.

I think in time, it will be true for everywhere. They key is storage.

This is pretty killer.

So last year I sold a building. I've owned it since 1998 which I bought for 85k.

Flash forward to 2016.... I sank about 300k into that building, renovated all 5 stories with my own two hands, bought another, and some land so I had about 580k of debt. I sold the building for 560k.

So this year I have to pay 100k in taxes. But if after the details above, you think I have a lot of money, lefts just say you don't know what you are talking about. I still have quite a bit if debt.

And now I wrote 100k of checks to uncle Sam and Cuomo.

Most of which will go to:

an "investment service" that has been raided and I likely won't get benefits from.

A health system that plunges itself into higher costs and poorer care every year

A welfare system that isn't designed to help people stand on their own two feet (although I do agree that it CAN be used that way)

A grossly engorged military that makes the world unsafe and is used in ways I fundamentally disagree with.

Instead, I can think of hundreds of better ways to improve and locality with that money. Ways that will add value to things, directly improve lives around me, directly help people who need it near me.

I could put 6 kids through school this year, with lunch paid for them.

I could build three greenhouses in low income areas that are food deserts.

I could fund structural renovation to out local library that is in a gorgeous building, but has been let go to to disrepair due to socialized funding and no real deal to be sustainable.

And 100 other things, including simply providing more security for my own two kids.

I could give much larger donations to the charities I currently give to because I think they provide good services like planned parenthood, basic income project, kiva (sort of a charity), and more GoFundMe's that tickle my heartstrings.

No, I simply do not believe that the people I am forced to fund are better at spending money I earned than I am.

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I've been following this guy for a while. He puts out videos about urban farming that are really great.

In this one, I found out he is an anarcho-capitalist, and he discusses one specific aspect of how government is making it harder for urban farming.

Give it a watch!

"Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated"

Yes Donald, that is why you are so overwhelmingly unqualified to control it for everyone. And so is everyone else.

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Can you please stop your god damn war on drugs now? Look someone made it into a low syllable
count cartoon for you.

Oh and you want your tight communities back to create cohesiveness that keeps people away from addiction? Stop shuffling your problems of onto government. Thinking "we need to ban", or "there ought to be a law", is how we isolate each other. Instead, a nonviolent solution is "what can i do to convince people to do it right or make it better?" Or "what product could i make that would solve this?"

Rely on each other. Help each other.

Question about LED lighting.

I would like to buy LED tape without a coating or rubber sheath, so I can glue it to a heat sink.

There are grow light tape such as this:

and there is universal light tape such as this

The universal light is about half the price, but it is about 5W per meter, while the grow lights are 12W per meter.

So, obviously the price comes out as basically a bust, as you need two meters of universal for every one meter of growlight. To me, that means the light gets spread out better, but other than that, the cons are that there is more work to set up (double), double the heat sink if I want to jam more power through it, and I have to program the universal to be the right color, and likely this would reduce their total output even more..

So I guess I talked myself into getting the grow lights, not the universal.

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