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All your science belongs to me
All your science belongs to me

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I've been following this guy for a while. He puts out videos about urban farming that are really great.

In this one, I found out he is an anarcho-capitalist, and he discusses one specific aspect of how government is making it harder for urban farming.

Give it a watch!

"Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated"

Yes Donald, that is why you are so overwhelmingly unqualified to control it for everyone. And so is everyone else.

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Can you please stop your god damn war on drugs now? Look someone made it into a low syllable
count cartoon for you.

Oh and you want your tight communities back to create cohesiveness that keeps people away from addiction? Stop shuffling your problems of onto government. Thinking "we need to ban", or "there ought to be a law", is how we isolate each other. Instead, a nonviolent solution is "what can i do to convince people to do it right or make it better?" Or "what product could i make that would solve this?"

Rely on each other. Help each other.

Question about LED lighting.

I would like to buy LED tape without a coating or rubber sheath, so I can glue it to a heat sink.

There are grow light tape such as this:

and there is universal light tape such as this

The universal light is about half the price, but it is about 5W per meter, while the grow lights are 12W per meter.

So, obviously the price comes out as basically a bust, as you need two meters of universal for every one meter of growlight. To me, that means the light gets spread out better, but other than that, the cons are that there is more work to set up (double), double the heat sink if I want to jam more power through it, and I have to program the universal to be the right color, and likely this would reduce their total output even more..

So I guess I talked myself into getting the grow lights, not the universal.

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It's totally cracking me up to see liberals posting libertarian memes. They are even talking tax evasion and secession!

Too freaking funny. Libertarians are sitting here like, "we fucking told you so"

Liberals have learned exactly zero lessons from this election.

"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."
- - John F. Kennedy

“We the people tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us.”
- - Ronald Reagan

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”
- - Franklin D. Roosevelt

"Pee on my face."
- - Donald J. Trump

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Bitcoin Quietly Rages On While Traditional Currency Market Implodes
It’s been a year since I argued that bitcoin was too big to fail, but it has only got stronger. And yet, you don’t have to look far to find a new death knell for the digital currency.

These prognostications may be loud and frequent but each is more wrong than the last. For instance, December found many asking whether bitcoin was dead only to be faced with a rally that saw the digital currency cross the $1,000 mark. We saw similar rallies following the Brexit vote and U.S. election when bitcoin became a safe haven in the face of geopolitical risk that brought the security of our most trusted fiat currencies into question.
#Bitcoin #Currency #Money #Blockchain
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