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Nice Case

I needed a new case to ease my mind on a recent PC build that didn't feel quite right. I browsed a sweet selection of cases at a local shop ( and came away with the Corsair 550D Obsidian series:

Not a drop of blood was shed during construction - that may be a first...I've grown accustomed to a blood sacrifice with my hand-built PCs.

There is a lot that I like about the 550D's design...sound-proofed, good dust management, and awesome side-doors that open with the press of a button...and close perfectly flush with a reassuring "click".

The HDD drive trays don't require the use of fasteners to hold the drives in place yet they gripped the drives firmly with shock-absorbing pins.

This system is an i5 2500K machine used as a 32-channel CCTV DVR. The use of on-chip graphics is to enable Intel Quick Sync to enhance performance with the DVR software.

Other specs:
Intel DZ68DB mobo
8 GB of system RAM
Win7 64 OS
128GB Crucial M4 SSD
2TB WD Green HDD
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sweet! I might pick it up next month. my new cpu fan is loud!
I was trying to rack my brain why Central Computers sounded familiar. There is one by New Park Mall where I used to live. Last time I went in there was during that whole Netbook craze. I was asking about the new Nettops that were coming out. Ah, the good old days.
So you opted not to use the hot swap trays
I think blood spilled is a requirement for a successful build ;) Leaving some of yourself on every build is my trademark. :D
Agreed, something will burn out in a few weeks without a blood sacrifice to the microgod.
Stock Intel heat sink? Tsk, tsk.

Also, love the corsair cases. I have a 650d and I love it. Not exceptionally quiet, but it's really nice.
I believe that blood-builds went away with the end of molex connectors.
You gonna leave that intel heatsink on there?
Nice case. I went with the Silverstone FT-02, because I liked the idea of physics being used to help extract the heat from the case. :)
Stock Intel heat sink is fine for most non-overclocked applications, even gaming.
I'll be watching for further updates with interest, since I've had my eye on the 550D for months now. Prolly shoulda bought one last week when it was on sale at my local computer place....
What the hardware/software scheme for recording 32 video channels?
I like the case very much. I do, however, would like an option to install fans w/LED lights, but that would eliminate the sound buffering.
+Robert Heron I thought they made a special hot swap tray for that case....

How about Hybrid drive setups? Any thoughts?
I just picked up one of these cases and the hyper 212+ myself for a new build I'm doing.  I LOVE the simple look of this case and in the reviews I've seen just how quiet it should make things.
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