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Best documentary film idea ever: Fake guru gains worshipful followers.

A documentary film coming to theaters next month called Kumare is about an American of Indian decent who exposes the idiocy of guru cults by pretending to be one from India. He gains a large following of worshipful Americans who come to believe he has all the answers.

Then at some point in the movie, he decides to reveal his stunt to a group of his most hardcore followers who are "knee-deep in personal transformation."

This the best documentary idea ever. Can't wait to see it.
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I love that people are calling this a 'dick move' in the original thread. I call it a wake-up call. Sorry folks, there are no 'Magic Men' in the world with all of life's answers.
+IrreligiousIndian would be keen in this. Such false prophets profiteering on the naive and deceiving with tricks from decades since the 70s goa era and till date...
Easy to expand that from "guru cult" to anything-to-do-with-religion. Start with TV evangelists & take it from there, all the way to the gilded temple called Vatican...
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