Well in a way I'm a bit pleased that Google has stopped selling the current defective version of Glass.  I actually suggested that to them a couple of times.  I had hoped they would do a recall/replacement - that would have been the right thing to do.  But I guess they don't have a replacement or fix available.  Of course I'm talking about foil bubble.  They haven't even acknowledged the issue officially so far as I know.  I guess that's because knowingly selling a product with a factory defect is probably illegal most places.  Foil Bubble is a well known factory defect acknowledged or not and the problem affects a huge number of units and likely all units given the right circumstances (temp?  humidity?).  I was a bit shocked and disappointed when Google rolled out the explorer program to the UK without first fixing the issue.  I was worried that a general public roll-out would be a huge disaster.  For sure selling more defective units really wasn't the right thing to do.  Now at least no more defective units will be sold.  The last question - what's to become of the rest of us?  Are we just left holding a ticking time-bomb?  So far the only official word has been "Call us and we will do what we can do".  Yes I know our Glass guides are great.  But they are front-line support.  They don't make policy.  And some day Google's policy will probably be "you are out of warranty".  I had hoped for a bit more from Google.  Ok... HOPED for a LOT more.  Expected a bit more.
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