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AT&T iPhone to Android Converters BEWARE!

Me: I currently have an iPhone 4 with the unlimited data plan and am considering a 4G phone. If I switch to a 4G Android phone, will I still be on the unlimited plan?

AT&T CSR: I'd be happy to advise you on this. You would be able to keep your unlimited data plan. However only if you move from iphone to iphone. It's no longer offered so if you move to an Android you would need to get a new smart phone data plan.
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Have you heard all the uproar that they are mad and throttling their unlimited users when they hit 2GB per month? That's ridiculous. Come on over to Sprint.
I've been reading about that. Never had a problem with it as there are AT&T WiFi hotspots everywhere. Plus, on my heaviest usage months I don't think I've gone beyond 2-3 GB on 3G anyway.

I'll take a look at Sprint but I've never been a big fan. Didn't think their service has never been great here. 
Actually, I get better data service in Tulsa than I do in Jacksonville. Voice calls are always great.
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