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Robert Hagelberg
Quality Control Manager & IT Technician- I'm here because you broke something.
Quality Control Manager & IT Technician- I'm here because you broke something.

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Having so many issues with my Verizon V10. Battery was at 100% at midnight when I left it on the table. At 7 am its at 70%. What would make it drop 30% without any use?

Also, the Bluetooth is still very weak and unusable as the sound drops in and out while using my UE Mini Boom speakers and it cuts out and stutters while using my new LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth headset. I've done my due diligence and it is definitely the phone that is the problem. 

One would expect, after starring in The Internship, that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to have Google Plus identities. 

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See what Summit Technology Group and do for your company today.

Downloading Lollipop for AT&T S5 right now. Hope it's an improvement. 

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Excellent article on business continuity and backup solutions. Ironically, I just happen to work for a company providing solutions to keep any business running smoothly. Contact me for more information.

I rooted my Note 8 GT-N5110 and now want to give it to my wife. Anyone know how to restore back to stock uprooted? No rom change jus the rooted to run Greenify and a few others apps. 

This community is a joke now. See ya. 

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Seriously. What happened to Reader Mode in Chrome Beta? Did they remove it already?

Did you use it? 
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I'm almost over Google+ Photos! My photos are listed in 42,000 different places! I can't just move photos to one album, I can only copy them, leaving them in more than one place at a time. Does ANYONE have a solution to organizing my photos into a more logical storage situation without having to download them all?

What is the best nfc or bluetooth system for phones and tablets? I'm looking for something to warn me if I leave my Android phone or tablet behind. 
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