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These guys give you straight facts in their Web Guide and solid advice with both the pros and cons of each investment offer they have.

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With proof that bread can spike your blood sugar as much as eating a candy bar, can Dr. Oz find bread that is actually good for us?

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Is Dr. Oz running out of ideas? Is he scared of congress and the media attention that comes with promoting diet products?

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Today I feel a million miles away from my family. Of course I have my beautiful wife and son sitting at home waiting for me to get there but I have lost one of the most influential people of my life.

My Grandmother just passed in the States. She was 100 years old but it just seems like yesterday when she was scolding me for running around her house with my new toys for Christmas. I can remember the sometimes harsh chats at breakfast while in my late teens, I remember the disappointed looks I got when I had to tell her I had done something wrong.

She was a strong woman who never was afraid to tell you exactly what she thought about any situation. She gave multitudes of great advice that seemed to be ignored by me more than those times I obeyed. Through it all, she never stopped loving me or making sure that I knew how much she cared for me no matter what.

I now regret a lot of things and one of the biggest is that she never got to see her grandson. My son. We always looked at it as if there would be time but we never quite found that time to show her the next generation. Now my son will never know his Great Grandmother in any concept other than a photograph. It will be one of the biggest failures I will live the rest of my life with.

Living in the Philippines is great but when you need to be near he people you love, it gets horrible. Right now my father is going through one of the toughest things a son has to do in life with dealing with Grandma's death. I can't even be there for him.

He won't admit it to me as he is always trying to show how tough he is. I know he is hurting with a pain that cannot be described. At least he was by her side when she passed. I hope he listens when i tell him how much I love him. I wish I could actually be there but there is no way. Living so far away can suck really bad sometimes.

Grandma: I love you very much and am glad you gave me all the love and wisdom you could. Even if I tried to ignore most of it.

Dad:  I love you. I know we never really say that to each other because we are alike and want to show everybody how tough we are. But you have been and still are the best Dad anyone could ever hope for.

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SPECIAL THANKS STATIC CIRCLE  of the MOST ACTIVE G+ USERS who took part in the #plusyourfollowers project.  Please read carefully. (
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One of the great things about living in the Philippines is the many retired veterans who served our country. Ron Price is a retired Marine. he is an opinionated character who never fails to offer a helping hand to anyone.

Ron has ventured into writing and he chose a topic that he knows well. The marines and specifically what it takes to be a Recon Marine.

You can purchase his short book listed below. It is a series of life experiences and details what a real soldier does to protect the rest of us.

No it is not some great literary work written by a scholar, but rather a common man's story who has done a lot of extraordinary things.

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Dr. Oz highlights the Vegan diet Beyonce loves so much she invested n the company.
#droz #marcoborges #22dayvegandiet  
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