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Robert Gonzalez
Gun aficionado, Software geek, beer lover, awesome guy.
Gun aficionado, Software geek, beer lover, awesome guy.

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"What is this, G+ for ants?"

+Linus Torvalds just has a way of putting things that make so much sense.

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This might be the best thing you see all day.

#MakeItFlashy   #SpreadEm  
Manspreading is the new planking.
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This is about the only thing that would make me ever consider getting a cat. But if it ever stood on all fours, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE MISTER!

#NotACatPerson #CatFootball

Anyone else notice that notifications on Google+ in the browser seem to never update or notify? My iPhone, iPad and Android tablet all update and notify, but my browser instance never does. Is something broken or is this the way it was designed?

+Google+ +Google 

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I already liked Hallelujah to begin with, but this rendition, particularly at this time of year, just speaks to me.

Can someone tell me what it means to "turn up" or get "turnt up"? My societal linguistics knowledge generally serves me well, but this time, not so much.

#TurnedOn #NoWait   #TurnedIn   #NopeThatsNotItEither  

Is it just me or is Google+ totally a liberal media machine? I've noticed over the last month or so that just about everything that is making the "What's Hot and Recommended" parts of my feed are posts with a severe liberal/democratic bent, usually talking crap about conservatives/Republicans and generally spewing garbage across my feed that I personally would not find Hot or Recommended. Google usually knows me pretty well, but when it comes to voting season Google seems to forget everything it knows about everyone and instead pushes their liberal agenda down the throats of all users. That's some bullshit.

#ImNotADemocrat   #IDontWantToSeeThatShit   #HowDoITurnThisOff   #Politics  

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If you're a Mexican girl and you have a man and he hasn't dedicated this song to you yet, it might be time for a little talk.

#MexicanGirls #SheFallsSoEasily

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Good to know I wasn't the only one thinking this this morning. #AppleReinventsGoogle  
WWDC 2014 or...

Had to be done - h/t +Ryan Lestage for the quote ;) 

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For all you dudes who are lacking the cajones to man up... now you can buy a pair at the store. And not just any pair... a TUFF pair. 
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