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Robert Fleck
Literary agent living near Dallas, also occasional golf nut, punster, and dog bed
Literary agent living near Dallas, also occasional golf nut, punster, and dog bed

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If one snacks on various birds, would that be a nom de plume?

I hear there's a new show coming where kaiju play practical jokes on each other. It's called "Candid Gamera."

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This is just too cool.
This is awesome! Watch an 11-Year-Old Score a Hole-in-One at Tiger Woods’ New Golf Course

A Jewish man walked into a pub and bought drinks for everyone. He said it was his bar mitzvah. 

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I get to embarrass myself a bit in this episode of a sustainability show from here in Coppell.

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Old friend +Lawrence Schimel with a request for donations to help a great project. Take a look and if you feel kindly disposed, kick a little in.
You can see how lousy I am at asking for money, even when it's for a good cause: I made one appeal for donations to help A Midsummer Night's Press and Sinister Wisdom to publish THE COMPLETE WORKS OF PAT PARKER on November 12, and have not bothered y'all since then. This isn't a very effective way to run a fundraising campaign, I know. So I am asking all of you to please help us spread the word.

I am posting the link for donations (and more info on the project) as the first comment (since photos are treated differently from links).

Anyone who donates $15 or more ($20 or more for international donations) will get a copy of this exclusive chapbook of Pat's work, with an introduction by Cheryl Clarke.

This chapbook is ONLY available from A Midsummer Night's Press or Sinister Wisdom as part of this fundraising appeal--it is not for sale in bookshops, on Amazon, or anywhere else.

To everyone who has donated already, thank you so much for your support!
To all of you who've helped spread the word about the appeal, our grateful appreciation!

And thanks in advance to all of you, whether you donate or not, for helping spread the word, for the first time or again.

Here in north Texas, there are two common trees that illustrate an interesting fact about the world. The red cedar is an evergreen whose foliage turns a rich burnt umber color and falls off in the winter. The live oak is a deciduous tree that maintains green leaves year round.
Sometimes writers will put real events into a story and readers will complain that those events make no sense; it would never happen that way. The writer says, “But that’s what really happened.” The mistake the writer made was in understanding the difference between the real world and fiction: reality doesn’t give a shit if it makes sense to you.

Finally got around to asking my apartment maintenance to replace the fluorescent bulbs in my kitchen light. On the good side, I can now see well in my kitchen again. On the bad side, I can now see well in my kitchen again.

What the world really needs is more Ephraim Levis and more Horace Vandergelders. Money IS like manure. In one big pile it stinks, but spread it around and things tend to grow. 

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