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I actually find G+ worse than Facebook. I’m mostly here for the RPG-talk that happens here.
I actually find G+ worse than Facebook. I’m mostly here for the RPG-talk that happens here.


Gaming update: My partner, Lauri, has been considering trying to run D&D5e or C&C or Dungeonesque or some other games. The game that finally got her behind the screen, however, is My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria. Last night was the fourth session. She’s doing a great job, and everyone is really enjoying it.

Now for some back story: One of the players, a long time ago, played in a D&D3e game where he played a mounted combat specialist. He was constantly frustrated by never having a chance to actually engage in mounted combat, though. So when he heard we were playing MLP, his idea was to play his horse from that D&D campaign.

So, we have a D&D warhorse trying to come to terms with finding himself in the MLP universe where there are no humans, the horses can talk, he can talk, and all kinds of other strangeness. Meanwhile, it seems that the possibility of violent death has come to Equestria with him, so everypony else is trying to come to terms with having seen a monster actually killed.

Well, a water spot has appeared on the ceiling above our game shelves. Oddly enough, I suspect it is the air conditioner rather than Harvey. So, everything that was on the shelf directly below it—mostly RPG stuff—was moved to the floor on the other side of the room last night.

Makes me feel even better about having gone almost entirely digital, which is all backed up off-site. Unfortunately, there’s stuff on my shelves that may never be digital unless I scan it myself.

My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria

The first thing that is weird is that an RPG for a Habro property was not published by Wizards. I’m not saying that that is a bad thing; I’m just saying that I’m surprised that happened.

But the weirder thing is that it is a licensed RPG that isn’t using a “house system” with a very decent system.

Of course, there is no reason to think it won’t have the other problems of licensed RPGs. No matter how much you like the property, you’re not going to enjoy it if it isn’t the style of RPG your group enjoys. The license will expire. The companies will not think it is worth keeping in-print because—like all books—sales will have quickly fallen to a trickle. The license won’t get renewed. And ever seeing a reprint will be unlikely since the IP is split between two companies. If there is another official RPG for the property, it will use an entirely different system for no good reason.

And it isn’t available digitally. I can’t fathom why—unless you’re creating bespoke books—you’d publish any book these days only in hardcopy. (I’m not saying I haven’t heard the reasons; I’m just saying don’t buy them.)

But my group is really enjoying it. And I can see borrowing this system for other non-pony purposes.

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I now have replicas of the coins I based the Skylands coins on. (Heavily influenced by the work of Dan Collins.) The English silver groat (this example from Edward I) and gold half-noble (this example from Edward III). The actual relative value of these coins was 10:1.

Looking at my old, aging Warhammer FRP 1e books... If +Games Workshop and/or +Cubicle 7 could manage to sell me PDFs of the old 1e products, I’d not only buy them, I’d probably also buy their new edition out of sheer gratitude.

Last Saturday’s Skylands session: Investigation of the Ostgard ruins continued. The most interesting find was a small shrine of Chaos beneath a candle shop. The imp trapped in a summoning circle was reduced to something close to -30 hp in the second round.

The survey of the entire town was wrapped up. Graves were dug up and remains burned to prevent any undead rising. (The Loftgardans burn their dead rather than burying because limited space. So a cemetery was a foreign concept to the PCs anyway.)

They decided to release whatever was trapped in the crystal ball at the top of the wizard’s tower. An angelic being was released. If gave them a whistle it promised to respond to and then departed.

In Saturday’s Skylands session: Another new PC was added. Sister to the elf.

The group went back to the ruins of Ostgard to investigate the house that not only seemed to be maintained but which—unlike nearly all other buildings—seemed to have retained its metal fittings.

After crowbarring the front door open and crossing the threshold, they heard a warning to leave. They assumed it was just a magical alarm system. In the living room, stones were thrown at them. Detect Invisible was cast which revealed some brownies as the throwers.

Investigating the kitchen, while being harassed by another brownie, they discovered a pantry full of fresh food.

In the lavatory, a brownie called “Attack!” and fled the room. A water weird then appear in the bathtub and attacked, but it was quickly dealt with.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, they encountered the leader of the brownies and two elf-hounds. With some diplomacy & lucky reaction rolls, they learned that the brownies were charged with protecting the daughter who lived there.

Everyone was surprised when, being led to the other bedroom, there was indeed a seemingly living girl of about 11 years. She was convinced to come to the Skylands with the party. She left the brownies in charge of the house and took a couple of them with her.

Before leaving the house, the party asked what was in the basement. The girl showed them a training room with magical training dummies, a well stocked storeroom, and a well stocked armory. The party choose not to mess with the large safe being engravings of thunderclouds & lightning.

Some discussions with the lead brownie led to the conclusion that the brownie’s fairy food is what kept the girl alive and unaging.

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Video game console names
Odyssey 👍 Odyssey 100 (200, 300, &c.) 😐 Tele-Games 😐 TV Master 👎 Telstar 👍 Telstar Classic 👍 Telstar Deluxe 👍 Telstar Ranger 👍 Telstar Alpha 👍 Telstar Colormatic 😐 Telstar Colortron 😐 Telstar Marksman 😐 Telstar Galaxy 👍 Telstar Gemini 👍 Telsta...

In tonight’s Skylands session... A new PC was minted and introduced to the group: A thief/blacksmith named Sanji. He was soundly trounced in a friendly sparing match with the elf. He marveled at the full plate armor a couple of other PCs have. He was astonished to learn that there was a portal to the ground and hear some of the stories of it.

The group returned to investigating the ruins of Ostgard. They found a magical granary still containing much apparently fresh grain. They found many more ruined-beyond-recognition buildings. They found a bakery with nothing of interest. They found a cobbler’s shop & residence and turned up some coins.

They then found a house that looked to be in good if someone was actually maintaining it. But, it was late at that point, so they headed back to bad, and we called it a night.

It has been a while... New Skylands session last night.

The party headed back to the Skylands in hopes of getting the elf de-stoned. The archbishop didn’t (knowingly) have a solution, but had an intuition to simply touch the statue, and it turned back to flesh. The elf mentioned having a dream, that the archbishop was there, and asked if she remembered it. The archbishop did not remember being in the dream. The elf has mentioned that this has been a life altering experience.

The party was asked to escort a young, blind, orphan girl who had been disturbing people with seeming prophecies to the abbey where they are headquartered. On the way she did give them one: “The great beast can only be defeated from within!”

Then it was back down to the ground and the ruins of Ostgard. They investigated a ruined courthouse where a rot fiend judge sentenced them to death. It along with the ghoulish prosecution and defense—each headed up by an elder ghoul—and three skeletal audience members attempted to enforce the judgement.

It was a pretty tense battle. Especially with the rot fiend and elder ghouls exhibiting signs of special abilities that the PCs knew nothing about. But in the end saving throws being made and quickly taking out some of the biggest threats led to victory at little cost. It also helped that an amulet of undead control let the party turn four of the enemy into allies.
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