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Google Knowledge Graph Could Change Search Forever

Google is making deep investments in the future of search. That future will be much more focused on what we mean - the meaning behind the search terms. In short: semantic search.

Google now wants to transform words that appear on a page into entities that mean something and have related attributes. It’s what the human brain does naturally, but for computers, it’s known as Artificial Intelligence.

_ It’s a challenging task, but the work has already begun. Google is “building a huge, in-house understanding of what an entity is and a repository of what entities are in the world and what should you know about those entities,” said Singhal._

Google has, according to Singhal, invested dramatically to “build a huge knowledge graph of interconnected entities and their attributes.”

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+Gideon Rosenblatt What I guess everyone is recognizing in search and AI is something that in psychology is called "the next moment paradox." You can know all there is to know about human behavior (maybe), but you cannot know what any person is going to do the next second. +Leland LeCuyer and I are going to work a little on this from a philosophical point of view later on this spring: it's especially interesting that there is this "uncertainty" related to the synaptic gap and there are loads of neuroscientists studying the phenomenon that really comes down to the same thing, you just cannot know what a person is going to do next! That said, I've always thought it would be fun to make a whole lot more out of the "I'm feeling lucky" button at Google. It could be VERY entertaining, don't you think?
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