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Happy birthday, +Dan Feeny​! 

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I needed this guy to rescue me in one of the meetings I had recently.

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Free 2 play MMO life
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SHIT, LogMeIn just bought LastPass. I'll try to stay hopeful but my guess is in 12-18 months all the promises of staying the same will go away and they'll ruin the pricing structure of LastPass like they did for everything else they've acquired.

Ordered my Nexus 6P.

64GB, Granite color.

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Oh daaaaaaamn! Dragon Force!

#fairytail   #wendy   #anime  

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This would be sweet!

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Kirill Pokrovsky did all of the fantastic music for the Divinity: Original Sin RPG. Not only one of the greatest RPG games of today, but also has an amazing soundtrack.

RIP Kirill

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This is the most manly movie of all time

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Even though I'm excited about Google Photos, I can't really say they've tackled the main issue: Collaborative photo collections.

The goal is simple: Multiple user accounts (your family) accessing the same collection of photos and contributing to it. Multiple devices with auto-upload of photos to this collection. So when my wife takes photos on her phone, I should be able to see her photos get added to the family collection.

Right now Google Photos is very tied to a single person's account. That means I'll never have the same photos my wife has and vice-versa.

Really disappointed in this.
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