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Robert J Dahl is a respected leadership expert, keynote speaker and author who energizes and connects his audiences through inspirational stories.  He speaks to leaders of organization, teams and trade associations throughout the country.  Robert specializes in the topics of leadership, excellence and customer service.  Robert J. Dahl has written four books and a Leadership Education Program - "Coaching Excellence Rite Of Passage".  His mission is to help serve the people with compassion, empathy and understanding.  He is committed to bringing balance and wellness through leadership training and coaching.  His blog can be read at  He can be followed at

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Franklin Covey 7 Habits Facilitator
Author, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Expert.
Leadership, Keynote Speaking, Author
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Reputation - Your most valuable asset that you will ever own! -

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. A strong reputation makes it easier to earn respect from your peers and to advance your career

Expertise! How do you achieve "Genuine Expertise"? -

The development of genuine expertise requires struggle, sacrifice, and honest, often painful self-assessment. Expertise drives performance!

Commitment, how strong is yours? - Robert J Dahl

Commitment requires strong self-discipline, and a persistent inner voice to urge us on. Self-discipline grows out of our commitment to our g

How do you balance your life?

Coping with the complex and diverse challenges of everyday life can upset the balance and harmony we seek in our lives. Many good people are

How organized are you?

Does it seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day? The good news is that there’s a cure: organization! The art of organization was deve

Happy Veterans Day

I would like to with all my readers a Happy Veterans day. Here is a little history about the Veterans Day holiday. November 11, or what has

Is self-belief the key in being happy in life?

I really do believe you can live the life you now want and be happy and successful, but of course like anything in life we have to really be

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all my readers. I remember years ago during my grade school years when Halloween was a big night that was fun for everyon

How Self Reflection can help improve your Life

Self reflection is only as valuable as what we do with it. Gaining wisdom from reflecting on different events in your life will require an e

Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day to everyone. Columbus Day honors the day Christopher Columbus discovered America. The official holiday falls on October 1

Is Your Positive Attitude Glass half full or half empty?

A positive attitude is a good thing to have when you are achieving objectives as a leader. Your outlook on whatever it is you are participat

Do You have the Vision of an Eagle?

As a leader, you must visualize your way to success. Our vision is a powerful tool that can create a new reality. This is because our subcon

The Power of Enthusiasm

It’s true! Enthusiasm really is contagious and there are very few people who, once in contact with somebody truly enthused, can remain unmov

Innovations in Leadership

Defining Leadership To begin to explore this very important journey we must explain the distinction of leadership. Everyone knows that all l

Amazon Local

Amazon Local offers customers awesome deals so they can enjoy deep discounts not only from local businesses, but also from national chains a

Courthouse News Service

HARTFORD (CN) - Four divorced men sued Connecticut, claiming its alimony laws are unconstitutional, that alimony "burdens the right to end a

Robert J. Dahl - Leaders In The Making: Ladder to Success

Great Leaders are developed not born. The journey that a person must take is not a simple one and it has many barriers and roadblocks. Many

Robert J. Dahl - Leaders In The Making: Effective Leadership

Great Leaders are developed not born. The journey that a person must take is not a simple one and it has many barriers and roadblocks. Many

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