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We hold these things to be self-evident #blog #dotplan #omni

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Who knew @SniperElite had an exploding bullet setting? #SniperElite3

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I expected to open my news and have every article be about Game of Thrones.

I think whenever they show a picture of some religious crazy who commits a crime, they should Photoshop a dick on their face. Stop making them famous...without a dick on their face


I've watched a lot of videos on police shootings and all that, but I will absolutely never understand the people who record them. To me, when the cops are doing something, I don't want to be around. When an ambulance comes by, I don't want to know where they're going. When there's a car wreck, I don't look if authorities are there.

There was an incident outside our house where a lot of officers were doing something. My ex went to the window and watched. The moment she said they had their guns drawn, I went to the middle of the house. Why chance being another victim just so you can watch the proceedings?

I'll never understand some people

Ok Game of Thrones, let's just slow the fuck down. Give me about two weeks to finish book five, then we can start all this shit up again.
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