Shameless plug: I've been reviewing Android weather apps on my Nexus 4 so check my profile page if you're interested. I'm trying to post a review every day and so far have covered Google Now, Google News & Weather, AccuWeather and Eye in Sky. Plenty more to come.
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When you get to WeatherBug, you can stop. Actually, you could have saved a whole lot of time by hitting it first. :-) You will have a lot of work in front of you if you are doing all the apps. Can I assume you are trying the free versions only?

Reply if you try 1weather, I'm interested in how it works for you. I think I'm an outlier. 
WeatherBug is on the list. :) I;m trying about 10 - the most popular ones on Play Store plus some others that I think deserve attention.
Love WeatherBug! Also Weather Underground. 
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