New camera app!
For all MotoG users, may I be the first to introduce you to our Camera App in PlayStore!!   A new camera update is available today.
A simple and faster way to capture moments. Touch anywhere on the screen to...
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Reviews of the Moto G are great - but reviews of its camera are pretty bad.

The Nexus 5 received an update that greatly improved the camera. Is a similar camera update coming to the Moto G when it is upgraded to KitKat?
It's a £125 phone. I really doubt they can make it much better...
They already did improve the camera on the Nexus 5, with a software update.

What we see as a final result - the picture - isn't only due to the physical camera they chose to use; it's due to how the software stores and manipulates the data. 
Other than the new icon I'm not seeing any obvious differences but I'll keep playing...
Thank +Chris Burns for the link!  :-)

Motorola, this is what I'm talking about. TAKE MY MONEY :-D

Also (if any Motorola folks are listening), we hope you support the Moto G (and X) with the eventual updates to Android 4.5 (or, if you make that decision, 5.0)

With hardware and software design unified under one roof (Moto-Google), it's easy for you to provide a true 2 year/24 month upgrade guarantee for all of your devices.  (Perhaps even longer.)

CyanogenMod already can do this with volunteers. So it should be easy for you to match that longer-term support with your professional staff. That will earn brand loyalty like gangbusters!
+Robert Kaiser They have said they will support G for next 15 months. So we will have at least 2 of the next updates. Woohoo
Cool, where did they say this?
Do you have a website?
+Robert Kaiser No, unfortunately. Back when it was announced, i was devouring every article on this phone like a starved Jennifer Lawrence. I was too excited to notice the site address.
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