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Robert Caldecott
Developer, father, husband, gadget freak, Radiohead obsessive, enthusiastic strummer of guitars.
Developer, father, husband, gadget freak, Radiohead obsessive, enthusiastic strummer of guitars.

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Just installed the latest beta and Yahoo weather is not working. Other providers seem OK.

What's the best way to download all my songs using CloudPlayer? I have a 128Gb card and I'd like everything offline. Also, is there a way to tell CloudPlayer to automatically download anything new I add to my Google Drive?

BTW Spotify has a limit of 3,333 offline tracks on a single device. Another good reason for buying CloudPlayer and freeing yourself from such arbitrary limits!

Just got the cloud playlist update and my Folders view now shows all my individual mp3s instead of the actual folders. Sigh. All was fine before the update.

Please bring gapless playback to CloudPlayer soon! 

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Just got the latest build from the Play Store and most of my folders are missing. I also see a list of songs in the Folders view which is not correct. See the attached screenshot: the Music folder should have nearly 200 sub folders. This worked OK until I updated today. And it takes 8 hours for a full refresh so I'd like to avoid that if possible

Is there any way for other music players to see offline CloudPlayer content?

I know it's a long shot but how about getting CloudPlayer working on Amazon devices? I have an Amazing tablet and being able to use it to stream my music would be awesome.

How do I shuffle all songs by a specific artist?

CloudPlayer is picking up deleted files in my Google Drive "Bin" folder but you cannot see this folder in the list to blacklist it. It means that if you delete a song and then refresh your library the song reappears. You have to delete it from the bin using the Google Drive app or website to stop CloudPlayer from picking it up. Not a big deal, CloudPlayer is still the best music player I've ever used!

When in Album view in CloudPlayer it would be useful to have an artist link on each album's overflow menu. I often see an album and want to jump to the artist. I think it would be useful.
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